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Hi I'm Death

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avatar +Neotude+
Level 1 : New Crafter
Hi I'm Death
Hi I'm Death is a humorous map under heavy development.
At it's current state it is unplayable, but a world download is on its way!

In this map you are greeted by Death, who offers you near-immortality in exchange for
doing his job for a night. You don't necessarily need to agree because you have no choice

[ ]Make a world upload (You might be waiting for a long time, but if you want to see
what I have made so far just comment and ask nicely. Or beg. Either one works.)
[X]Change the blockdata of all my cmd blocks, too lazy for tellraw ._.
[ ]Revise the How-To Be Death Booklet
[X]Finish Level 1
[X]Finish Level 2
[ ]Complete IDCA Jail Sector
[ ]Complete The Lab
[ ]Complete

I've actually worked a ton on different survival maps, all of which were basically my
poor attempts at mimicking maps with the grandeur that of Vech's Super Hostile series.
I deleted all of my posts because although I spent a ton of time one them, they were
not what I was trying to create. I spent a few months just playing Minecraft as it was
and then began toying around with command blocks... again. I began multiple projects and
found that this one was not the best one. However, it is a much easier map to make cuz I'm
Progress is slow, but I plan to complete it! Within the next decade or so.
CreditAll thx to me, me, me, and also me.- Neotude
Progress30% complete

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