HMS Tiger C20

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HMS Tiger was originally laid down as HMS Bellerophon of the Minotaur class of Light Cruisers in 1941. Due to their low priority on the build list, and 3 of the hulls including Bellerophon would remain incomplete into the post-war era. These hulls would be completed under new specifications as the Tiger class gun cruisers, entering service in 1959.

  Armed with two twin 6inch (152mm) dual-purpose gun turrets, HMS Tiger made up for her lack of guns with an incredibly high fire rate, thanks to their semi-automatic reloading system. These would be complemented by three twin 3inch (76mm) anti-aircraft turrets, giving the ship an entirely large-barreled weapons configuration and relying heavily on radar guidance.

  The addition of a large helicopter hangar in the mid-1960s allowed for anti-submarine capabilities to be added to the cruiser's possible uses. The build, however, represents HMS Tiger as she was completed in 1959 (Although the upgraded variant might be down the pipeline...). Enjoy HMS Tiger!
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