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How to make an exploding Wither Bow

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Note:The wither bow does not cause the wither effect. It simply is a bow that shoots a timer bomb shaped like a wither skull.
How To Make a Wither Bow:
  1.  If you make this in survival, needed materials are 13 command blocks, 7 repeaters, 2 comparators, 2 redstone blocks,  1 redstone dust, 1 sticky piston, and 1 button. Dont place all the blocks yet, some you need to place as you go.
  2. The first thing you need to make is the bow itself. Place a command block with a button on it,  place in this command:  [b]/give @p minecraft:bow 1 0 {AttributeModifiers:[{AttributeName:"generic.knockbackResistance",Name:"generic.knockbackResistance",Amount:0,Operation:0,UUIDLeast:1,UUIDMost:1}]}[/b] This will give you a bow that will allow you to shoot explosive skulls.
  3. Next, create a 20-tick clock that is seperate from your first command block. For those who dont know how to do it, you place 1 command block that says /setblock ~1 ~ ~ stone  Then power it on. If it places a stone block, great! It works. If it dosen't, tell me in the comments or try again. If it did work, place a command block on the opposite sid of the stone block. In that block, place in this command: /setblock ~-1 ~ ~ redstone_block  Now you just power both blocks with a redstone block between them, and you created a  20 tick clock.
  4. Attach a command block to the power source of your clock, and set this command in the command block:                                [b]/testfor @p {Attributes:[{Base:0d,Name:"generic.knockbackResistance",Modifiers:{Operation:0,UUIDLeast:1l,UUIDMost:1l,Amount:0d,Name:"generic.knockbackResistance"}]}]} [/b]Now attach a comparator to this command block, and attach a stciky piston with a redstone block on the sticky side pointing away from the comparator. Whenever you hold the wither bow you got from the command block with a button, the comparator will turn "on"
  5. We cant finish the creation above yet, so create another 20-tick clock (see step 3) seperate from the device you have created. Now, attach another command block to this 20 tick clock, and put in this command:                                                          /execute @e[type=Arrow] ~ ~ ~ /summon WitherSkull {direction:[]} ~ ~ ~ This will find all arrows and replace them with a wither skull. Attach another command block to the 20 tick clock that says /kill @e[type=WitherSkull] This will kill the wither skulls that may spawn out of line, keeping the bow affect cool-looking.
  6. Next, attach another command block to your 2nd 20 tick clock, and insert this command:                                                               /testfor @e[type=Arrow]  This command will test for when an arrow is shot. Attach a comparator to this, and it will power on the comparator whenever an arrow is shot.
  7. Now, attach a line of 6 repeaters, each at two ticks to the comparator. This will stall the redstone signal for 12 ticks so that it has enough time to fly before it explodes.
  8. Now time to make it explode. At the end of the repeater line, attach 2 command blocks next to each other. In the first command block, insert this command: /kill @e[type=Arrow] This will make it so minecraft dosen't lag to much. In the next command block, put in this command: /execute @e[type=Arrow] ~ ~ ~ /summon PrimedTnt ~ ~ ~ This will make your arrows go BOOOM!
  9. Now you need a pencil and paper (in real life, not minecraft) Now, find out the coordinates for the command block in the explosion devise that says  /setblock ~-1 ~ ~ redstone_block and write down the the X, Y, and Z coordinates. Now place a command block underneath the redstone block thats attached to the sticky piston. In the command block, put in this command: /setblock <Place the coordinates that you got in step 8 here> minecraft:air  This will clear the the command block. It may sound dumb, but this will help make it so only the wither bow fires wither skulls, and all other bows do nothing
  10. Dig a 1x4 tunnel next to the command block from step 9. place a redstone dust in a way that its powered when the sticky piston turns "on" Next to the redstone dust, place a command block that has this command in it:                                                  [b][code]/setblock [/code][/b][code]<Put in the coordinates of the now missing command block from step 9> [/code][b][code]command_block 0 replace {Command:"/setblock ~-1 ~ ~ redstone_block"}[/code][/b][code] This will replace the missing block from Step 9. [/code]
  11. Now we have to power the  /setblock ~-1 ~ ~ redstone_block command block. To do this, place a repeater next to the redstone dust from step 10 then place a command block next to the repeater. In the command block, insert this command:  /setblock <insert the coordinates of the stone block hat should be located between 5 command blocks.> redstone_block
  12. This step is optional. What this one does is make the machine run better, but its not required. Place command block next to the place where the piston pushes forward. (Not in front of its line of pushing though. You cant push command blocks. Ive tried.) In this command block, insert this command: /kill @e[type=Arrow]                                                                                                                          
If I get 15 diamonds on this creation, I'll (try to) make a 1 command version of the machine ( ;
CreditSeveral youtube videos I watched
Progress100% complete

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