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Huge Eastern Mediterranean map [Worldpainter]

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Huge Eastern Mediterranean Map (16000x9000)

Note: The original map is all the way from Italy to India. If you want me to add your country in this region of world (central asia, balkans, persian region and arabian peninsula), tell me in the comments. I recommend using a Minimap mod for adding waypoints. Otherwise you will probably get lost while travelling around the map.

First of all English is not my native language so I can make mistakes while writing this description.

I started making this map on December 10th 2017.

I used Google Earth for making the coasts, lakes and islands. Also I used height maps of countries for mountains when making this map. Inside the borders of Turkey is almost 90% accurate because I spent almost two years of my life just for making that area of the map xd.

According to World Painter's distance/time scale, walking from Istanbul to Van is almost takes two Minecraft days in-game (without climbing through mountains or walking around them, just walking straight).

I will upload images from in-game later. After I add more details outside of Turkey's borders and finish the map, I will put the download link. (Current link is the 70% completed version.)

And I'm going to add castles with spawners at cities and villages places in real life except Istanbul, build a wall at Constantinople region (Istanbul/Fatih) and let the player expand it's borders with conquering the enemies castles. It feels like restoring the Byzantine Empire lol. After I finish this, you can still download the map without castles. I will upload it as a different map.

Istanbul is the spawnpoint.

With Furenikus Roads mod, Ultimate Car mod and Chisel mod (needs connected textures mod for 1.12), you can build awesome cities and roads. If you are going to play with mods, I recommend these mods to you.
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06/18/2019 11:11 am
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Drivt's Avatar
Damn, and its just at 70%.
05/31/2019 8:53 am
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Terraformer
Reer123's Avatar
Love it, the amount of dedication is clearly seen!
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