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Infinity Dungeons

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Nebulirion avatar Nebulirion
Level 43 : Master Pokemon
Welcome to the Infinity Dungeons! This is a Rogue-Like minigame/adventure map where you get to explore Infinite, Randomly Generated Dungeons, both alone or with your friends.

This map focuses on a Vanilla Style exploration experience, with tons of vanilla elements that work under a custom system, like custom Items, Boss Fights, Shops, Enchanters, and a lot more to explore!

There's also has a lobby with special bonus content, Including the Infinite Parkour and the Dungeon Piano that you might enjoy :)

Version: Vanilla 1.20.2

Best for 2-6 Players, but there is no player limit!

This map supports English, Japanese and Chinese(both traditional and simplified).
Commands to change language:
English (default): /function _lang:en_us
Traditional Chinese: /function _lang:zh_tw
Simplified Chinese: /function _lang:zh_cn
Japanese: /function _lang:ja_jp

For server owners:
Required settings for the server.properties file:

Final Notes:
This map has been in the making for about 1 year now, hope you enjoy it! If you have any feedback, bug reports, or just any other messages you want to share with me, feel free to leave them in the comments :)
Progress100% complete

8 Update Logs

Version v1. : by Nebulirion 09/22/2023 1:57:13 pmSep 22nd

Now in Minecraft 1.20.2!
The old version for 1.20 can still be found [​here].

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08/04/2023 12:49 pm
Level 29 : Expert Network
TUD11 avatar
I made a video on this map - https://youtu.be/OL98uNFGE-E?t=1524
06/18/2023 12:24 pm
Level 43 : Master Pokemon
Nebulirion avatar
Hiya, just in case anyone is encountering some game-breaking bugs in the 1.20 version - I have released a patch update today! using the latest version should fix most of the problems that occurred in 1.20 :)
05/30/2022 4:24 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Man-man101 avatar
У меня по каокйто причине не работает ваш датапак , как и многие датапаки на генерацию мира , с чем это связанно ?
05/30/2022 8:58 pm
Level 43 : Master Pokemon
Nebulirion avatar
"For some reason, your datapack does not work for me, like many datapacks for world generation, what is the reason for this?“

- This is a complete map file, not a separate datapack for world generation! just unpack the zip file and put it into your .minecraft/saves folder and it should show up in your world list ^ ^;
04/13/2022 1:44 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Miner
Rufus Isaakov
Rufus Isaakov avatar
Hi, I really like the map, but I think minibosses need to be changed, especially the ravager and the elder guardian. From what I can tell, it's disproportionately hard to beat the elder guardian without a good shield because of his laser beam, and the ravager without a ranged weapon because of how large his attack range is. Without those things, it's nearly impossible to not get hit while fighting. good map tho
04/15/2022 2:13 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Miner
Rufus Isaakov
Rufus Isaakov avatar
I think I underemphasized how much I love this map in the original comment. Like, when the idea of combining roguelike elements with minecraft combat came to my mind, this map is exactly what I thought of. The gameplay loop is constantly engaging. Literally the only bad aspect I can think of is, again, the thing I mentioned in the original comment.
04/21/2022 3:43 pm
Level 43 : Master Pokemon
Nebulirion avatar
Thank you for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed the map ^ ^
I agree that the bosses still have some issues, I will try to improve that in the future!
04/10/2022 2:58 am
Level 29 : Expert Engineer
robertelch avatar
Will you update the map soon?
04/11/2022 11:00 am
Level 43 : Master Pokemon
Nebulirion avatar
I have plans for updating this map but no promises since I've been pretty busy recently!
04/04/2022 9:03 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Its_MR_Foxy avatar
I have one queston. How can i disable that the inventory resets when you die/enter a new dungeon?
Thanks! love the map.
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