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InsideOut Adventure Map (Mac/Windows)

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Level 9 : Apprentice Network

( sorry about the whole Mac thing, I'll try to make it available for Windows as soon as possible. ) 

Out of an accidental map generation that happened a year ago, I was able to create a map based in the minecraft desert with things like above-ground mineshafts ( I call them skyshafts ), villages, and above ground dungeons. The flip side is that there is no mining ( no ores, stone, or lava underground). This map contains a LOT of mobs ( compartively more than the average minecraft map ) and you'll find that there is little to no mining, but theres a lot of adventuring, looting, trading, and definitely mob killing. Resources are more valuable since u have to trade, loot, and kill for them instead of simply mining. In this map u can do anything, but on whole different level and arguably harder level. I hope no one else already had this map idea because if they did and posted it, then I am sorry. I truly did discover this myself but Idk about anybody else. 

Surviving can be hard in this so please make sure to be careful. MAKE A BED!

Download Link (Mac): 

Version 1
Version 2
Version 3
Version 4
Hardcore (No bonus Chest)

Download Link (Windows):

Version 1
Version 2
Version 3
Version 4
Hardcore (No bonus Chest)

Tips for playing this map ( in-game ) are down below. Below that are things u can and can't do in survival in this map.

Tips for playing this map:

- Make your first task building a bed. I would suggest finding a village to put it down in and getting the wool from village structures/desert temples.

- DONT THROW OUT ANY FOOD. Food is descently scarce in this map so I would suggest keeping ANYTHING edible.

- There is a starter chest. In case u don't notice, there is always a starter chest for u to make things a bit easier.

- If your going to settle in a village, make sure that it has at least one blacksmith shop ( or the shop with the furnaces and lava in it ). This will be a neccesity for making tools ( I won't say how, so figure it out )

- Make armour, It's up to you what kind, but it will provide great protection, especially in this map.

- Explore skyshafts ( there is loot and sometimes great loot )

- If u plan to save villagers for trading ( once u have found a village ) you must immediately find away to protect them from cactuses and and mobs because those two things kill villagers and fast ( villagers are a bit stupid ). What I do is seal them off in there (well lit) houses and make a network of tunnels connecting them together. Although there could be better methods...

- Keep torches ( if u don't have saplings for trees, any coal can be hard to come by )

- Throw away horse armour. Horses don't spawn in this map so its pointless to have any ( if one is found, please take a picture and send it to me )

- Throw away saddles ( see above ).

- Dirt is now very valuable. If u plan to make a house somewhere take any dirt u find with you. You'll thank yourself later.

- Iron ( and definitely buckets ) are extremely valuable. Be honored if u find any.

Can and Can'ts

You can...

- go to the nether

- grow trees

- find and go to the end

- kill mobs

- make minecarts/rails

- make cobblestone

- make obsidian

- trade with villagers

- farm

- adventure

and anything else u can do in regular minecraft except...

- breed/find animals 

- mine for ores/stone ( as I mentioned before, there are none )

If you can do any of these "can'ts" please send me photo of u doing so in game to me and tell me so in the message. Your imput will help A LOT!

P.S. I plan to update semi-frequently (at least once a week for checking feedback and possibly making improvements to the map). If u feel i should improve on something (it would also help if told me how I can do so) please tell me (NICELY!!) and I will try doing so. Thanks!


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07/02/2014 5:14 pm
Level 20 : Expert Cake
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Looks pretty fun
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