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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Redstone Crusaders

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Jojo-- avatar Jojo--
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
Hi, this map is a "No Mod" in WIP it's in 1.16.4/1.16.5 !

So it works in Java but i recommand you to play it with Spigot because with java it can bug sometimes.

Also it can append that you Spawn in the middle of a village or you just don't Spawn at the wright spot, if it ever happens, do this:

/tp @s 10000236 95 10000052

For the moment i've made 15 Stands:

-Star Platinum

-Crazy Diamond

-Gold Experience (not requiem: comming soon)

-Stone Free


-Soft And Wet

-The World

-Killer Queen

-King Crimson

-White Snake (with C-Moon, Made In Heaven)


-Ball Breaker

-The Hand

-Silver Chariot

-The World AU


To activates your stand you need to Jump and Sneak AT THE SAME TIME.

When it's enabled, by scrolling in your slotbar you will choose an ability, when you're on the ability that you want you just need to sneak or stay sneak. (BTW the names of the abilities are in french but don't worry it's simple)

Use the white ability to desable your stand.

This No mod is made to play with your friend in survival but you can play in singleplayer and just messing around!

Precisions on some stands.

The World:

When you stop time you can throw knives by using iron swords when sneaking.


He only works with spigot and when you add the 'Multiverse core" plugin and adding the folder "Dirty_deeds_done_dirt_cheep" in the same folder as the "overdworld" folder.

By taking a crossbow in your first slot and taking iron ingots when sneaking you will shoot bullets.

By dropping netherite and a bone on the ground you will unlock the love grosse mere.

When you summon your clones you need to hit something with your hand to make them angry at somebody.

Gold Experience:

The purple and pink ability needs to be executed very near from a dropped item.

Killer Queen:

Sheer Hearth Attack Only Works on players.

To Unlock stray cat you need to drop a spectral arrow on a cat.

To Unlock Bite the dust you need to drop a spectral arrow on a clock. And it also only works on player too.

Stone Free:

By holding a target block near a mob and sneaking you will do the 1000 exchanges

Crazy Diamond:

By holding an iron_nugget and sneak you will shoot small nuggets.

King Crimson:

When you erase time you will see the futur postition of entities (Player are sees as piglins) to make times resumes just do a strong attack. (This ability is a lot inspired by the king crimson datapack from CubeDevelopper)

With epitaph if you take damage you will erase time.

Ball Breaker:

(I recommand you to play in survival cause it's laggy because when you're in creative balls can stop working)

Right click to throw a ball.

Take one ball in each hand, jump and sneak and you will get a defense ability.

Take one ball in each hand, look at the ground and sneak to charge your spin.

Take one ball, sneak and throw it to activate the scan.

Take one ball in each hand on a horse and look on the ground to boost your horse.

Charge your spin, go on your horse and throw a ball to throw an infinite spin ball. (You can do it on the love grosse mere :) )

To unlock scan you need to drop a bone and a netherite ingot on the ground.

By Throwing a ball on the scan the ball will track a random entity.

White snake:

By throwing a netherite ingot on a The World user you will unlock green baby, to unlock C-Moon you need to use your new purple ability for 5 minutes.

To unlock Made in heaven: : )


To unlock act 2 you need to be level 10

To unlock act 3 you need to be level 20

To unlock act 4 you need to be level 30 on a horse and use the right click attack without moving, it will shoot an infinite rotation nail.


A link to my Tusk Showcase (This is outdated but it can help you understand the mechanics): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SggM0MT5hKc&ab_channel=LePr%C3%A9sidentDuMonde

I've been working on this for 5 month so i hope you will like it.

Discord: https://discord.gg/DpbsjFX46E

Some skins are made by me or by www.planetminecraft.com/member/johnny_joestar/

(The sound pack is in the folder of the map)

Have a nice game!
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Update #2 : 02/15/2021 4:47:00 amFeb 15th

-Added The world AU
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