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Kit PvP Arena Run By Command Blocks in 1.8!

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BuildMineSurvive's Avatar BuildMineSurvive
Level 32 : Artisan Miner
This Kit PvP Arena Is Run By Command Blocks And Uses Many Of The New 1.8 Commands. All Of This Map, Including The Arena, The Redstone, And The Shop, Was Made By BuildMineSurvive. If You Wish To Use This In A Server, Go Right Ahead. I don’t mind.


*Death Lightning

*9 Random Spawn points around The Map.

*Kills are shown in the Sidebar.

*Health Is Shown In The Tab List.

*When a Player Gets a Kill, He/She Receives: 6 arrows, 1 Diamond, Some XP, And 1 Golden Apple.

*Snowballs Spawn Ignited Creepers That Do Not Harm The Land. (Used For Bomber Kit)

*XP Bottles Create A Lightning Storm. (Using Slimes And The Way They Break Apart.)

*PvP Is Disabled In The Lobby Where You Choose Your Kit.

*Weather Is Always Clear.

*Your Kills In The Sidebar Disappear When You Respawn.

*100X100 Arena.

*When You Choose A Kit, A Command Block Sets Your Spawnpoint To The Middle Of The Room, That Way, You Will Be Able To Import This Map Anywhere In A Minecraft World. (You May Need To Restart The Redstone Clocks Though, and it may not work because there is a bug in 1.8, that when you unload a chunk with a fill clock in it, the fill clock stops and turns to stone again, and then needs to be reset. But It Will Work If You Have The World Spawn Set To Above The Pressure Plate.)

*There Is A Shop Where You Can Buy Stuff Using The Diamonds You Get Form Kills, But You Must Avoid Players And Complete A Parkour To Get To It.

-The Things To Buy Include:

 -A Notch Apple: 20 Diamonds.

–A Wolf Tamer Kit. Spawns A Wolf And Gives You 5 Bones: 5 Diamonds.

–16 Creeper Grenades. The Same Item That is given to the Bomber Kit to Summon Ignited Creepers: 5 Diamonds.

-Bow Drop Power up. All Players Loose Their Bows, But The Person Who Paid, Gets In Infinity 1 Bow: 5 Diamonds.


*4 PvP Classes. They Include:

-Kit Archer: Includes A Sharpness 1 Iron Sword, Power II and Infinity Bow, Golden Apple, and Protection 1 Iron and Chain Armor.

-Kit Brawler: Sharpness III Diamond Sword, Full Protection III Leather Armor, un-enchanted Bow Golden Apple, 32 Arrows, 5 Diamonds (For the Shop), 32 Ender Pearls.

-Kit Bomber: Includes A Fire Aspect 1 Iron Sword, 32 Snowballs That Summon Ignited Creepers, An Infinity 1 Bow, A Blast Protection 100 Chain Chestplate, Protection V TNT (Worn On The Head), Protection III Iron Leggings, And Protection III Iron Boots.

-Kit Tank: Includes a Knockback I Iron Sword, Punch I Bow, 6 Arrows, 16 XP Bottles (Used To Summon Lightning Storm Using Slimes), Protection II Iron Boots, Protection II Iron Leggings, Projectile Projection II Diamond ChestPlate, And A Protection II Chain Helmet.

-Future Plans: I Plan To Add Things Like, Upgrades If You Get A Kill Streak, More Kits, More Shop Items, And Be Sure To Leave A Comment With What You Would Like To See In Another Version Of This Map.

If You Use This In A Server, Leave Me A Message Or Comment The IP Of That Server (By The Way, The Sverver Properties at defualt Work Fine), And I Will Go Check It Out! And Please Leave A Diamond!
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02/02/2015 1:13 am
Level 1 : New Miner
SnowyFlake77's Avatar
umm i joined and i recognised that im not where the spawn is can u tell me cords please =)
10/22/2014 3:11 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Miner
BuildMineSurvive's Avatar
Please Give me ideas for future updates!
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