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Komatsu D61EXi-24 Dozer [With Download]

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DreamWanderer avatar DreamWanderer
Level 70 : Legendary Pegasus
Hello there :) The Komatsu D61EXi-24 is a mid sized dozer, weighing in with a operating weight of 41,094 lbs. With a 4.41 yd3 blade capacity. With a comfortable ride in the cab with a heated seat. Featuring a auto idle shutoff. In which the machine will shut the engine off, after idling for a set period of time, to reduce fuel consumption, which can be programmed to shutdown after 5-60 minutes. Powered by a 6 cylinder 170 Hp diesel engine. With simple joystick steering.

Pushing forward on the stick moves the dozer forward, pulling back reverses the machine. While as pulling the stick to the left or right will turn the machine in that direction. While pulling the stick all the way to the left or right, will make the tracks move in opposite directions, allowing the machine to turn around on a dime. A pedal on the floor called a "decelerator" is used to control travel speed, coupled with gear speed buttons on the joystick. The "decelerator" pedal works opposite of that like a accelerator pedal in a car. In a dozer, pushing down on the pedal will decrease the engines rpm, where as letting your foot off of it, will bring the engine rpms up again.

All my builds are free of use with credit

Notice: This is built in 1.16, banners, and other blocks may not copy over with other versions

Notice: Make sure to use //paste -a to ignore the air block
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