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Lucky Block Emulator

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avatar Lord Cruaver
Level 54 : Grandmaster Enderdragon
Presenting a fully functional lucky block emulator. This device has 16 different and unique outputs. This will be integrated into the next part of the Flying City.

The odds:
2% for Notch's blessing (2 diamond blocks, 2 emerald blocks, 2 gold blocks)
3% for a bottle of Notch's blood (It's a buff drink for those that never played in my version of PopularMMO's arena)
3% for a blessing from herobrine you may throw at a friend or enemy, it is a slow painful death.
4% to summon the squid overlord (10000 HP, takes forever to die)
5% for full diamond armor
5% for minecart chest with 2 enchanted golden apples, 1 enchanting table, 1 end portal frame
5% for persistant charged creeper with 20000 hp an explosion time of 60 seconds, also comes with either a dragon egg or a nether star.
5% for 10,000 xp
5% for a sponge which has been renamed emerald
6% for Baby Bob the ultra unchanted zombie that one shots you while riding a chicken.
8% for 2 ender chests
8% for 2 saddles & a movie reference
8% for a hoe and a youtuber reference
10% for block of iron and an anime reference
11% for a beacon
11% for a block of gold (It has less uses than emerald)
Progress100% complete

5 Update Logs

Update #5 : 01/27/2015 2:27:24 pmJan 27th, 2015

All system checks complete. Player now spawns on the platform with 30 iron blocks and 10 apples in survival ready to play Lucky Block Emulator. Download avalible.
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