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Lord Cruaver's Avatar Lord Cruaver
Level 55 : Grandmaster Enderdragon
During the update to 1.8 I moved the arena to a better world and redid the commands. As always there is a bonus boss fight you are free to try (I survived one round only with a full set of the avalible gear and 3 enchanted golden apples). The following changes have occured:

1. There will be no launch control now due to the introduction of the observer's platform. The observer's platform is directly above the combat area which allows clean viewing through barrier blocks that prevents flying entities from escaping.

2. The villagers have gained the names as introduced by Pat and Jen. They also have fairly balanced trades that are mostly straight from the series with a few additions of my own.

3. Pat and Jen's honored graves have been moved together now that they are married. A battle with zombie FuriousDestroyer is in the planning but not implamented.

4. Pressure plates have been replaced with buttons for less chance of accidental activation.

5. Emergancy anti-lag kill command is set up to destroy all entities with exception to the player.

6. Troll builds have been scrapped as irrelavent.

7. Villagers are now set to spawners to allow fast respawn.

8. Vouchers have been implamented due to the lucky block add-on making it impossible to have the right one every time.

PS An MCedit schematic will not be provided because I don't see a reason for one.
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