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Lucky Block Find The Button [1.13 Port/Update]

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TheIronVader avatar TheIronVader
Level 34 : Artisan Vampire
Lucky Block Find The Button is a "Find the Button map" themed around lucky blocks. It is the goal of the player to travel through 11 lucky block themed stages and find a hidden button in each stage. This map was made by 5 of your (hopefully) favourite lucky block add-on creators consisting of lucky blocks such as Lucky Block Pink, BedWars Lucky Block, Lucky Block Creeper, Lucky Block Video Games, Roblox Lucky Block, and more!


No lucky block add-ons or the original mod are required to play this map.

Check out each of the lucky block creators/people who helped with this map:

The Iron Vadar (Click this part YouTube channel)

Kristen Stuffs (Click this part for YouTube channel)

Ericmr_1234 aka Memeplay (Click this part for YouTube channel)

CraftDiamonds (Click this part for PMC page)

CreditKristen Stuff and craftdiamonds And ericmr_1234 and Pirate_7DE
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

[1.13 Port/Update] : by TheIronVader 08/28/2018 1:55:39 pmAug 28th, 2018

Major Additions:

+Tips under the rules.

+By pressing tab you can see what level you're on.

+When you press the button it will say who pressed the button.

+Buttons Pressed scoreboard saying how many buttons you pressed total.

Small Additions:

+More Command Blocks.

+More holes in creeper lucky block.

+More holes in the enderman lucky block.

+Added 4 stone pillars to roblox lucky block.

+More Armour Stands in the Dorito luck block.

+Signs pointing towards rules in the starting area.

+New Floor in the Clay Lucky Block's tallest building.

+Video Game Lucky Block has new locations/structures.

+Added a sign to Pink Pixelmon Lucky Block to fix confusion.

+Added the sign from inside of Doritos Lucky Block to also be outside the level in the selection area.

Changes (Bold = Important):

*Updated the rules of the map.

*Updated Pat and Jen book to fix typos.

*Armour Stands changed in a few areas.

*Slight button change for Clay Lucky Block.

*Slight button change for Zombie Lucky Block.

*Changed locations of some command blocks.

*Changed the texture of the conveyor belts.

*Slight button changes for BedWars lucky block.

*Changed the text colour of the Dorito warning sign.

*Slight button change for Pink Pixelmon Lucky Block.

*Fixed a typo with KristenStuffs sign saying KristenStuff.

*Changed the biggest cloud in clay lucky block to be bigger.

*The Nether now has a border to prevent you from going far.

*Changed the ghast near the pole locaton in Zombie Lucky Block.

*Spawn area now automatically puts you into adventure mode.

*The layout of Lucky Block Dorito has been changed in some areas.

*Video Game Lucky Block had a few blocks changed in a few locations.

*Changed the location of Lucky Block Pink on the level selection area by 1 block.

*Updated the resource pack to work with 1.13 and updated the file names/lang.

*Changed the ground of Roblox lucky block to be grass instead of light gray concrete.

*Changed the location of Enderman Lucky Block's button due to common request.

*Conveyor Belts now use data packs instead of command blocks. Shout outs to MushroomManToad

RNG Changes:

*Completely changed how RNG works.

*Effects are less common in Lucky Block Earth.

*This means the water won't stop as often in lucky block clay.

*Lucky Block Pink won't trap you as long and the blocks change more often.


-Armour Stands in some location.

-Command Blocks in a lot of locations.

-A few blocks in Video Game Lucky Block.

-Spinning glass area in the Dorito lucky block.

-Diamonds spawning in the Bedwars lucky block.

-Some unused textures/files in the Resource Pack to make it less laggy.

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