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Lucky Block Trolling Parkour! 100+ Downloads! Thank you guys!

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wags678's Avatar wags678
Level 43 : Master Explorer
projects or the Trolling Parkour(c) brand is now copyrighted! Doing
stuff without giving credit to Diamond or wags678/Adam Van Wagoner, is
against law. Traps and some mechanics are now owned to me. I'll let you
make Trolling Parkours, just give credit to me. You can make your own,
just don't make it public unless you give credit. Thank you.

Welcome back or just welcome to Lucky Block Trolling Parkour! If you don't know what this is, check out the first and second one, those go into detail. What this is is a parkour that is meant to troll your friends, but now there are more traps with the help of lucky blocks. I tell you the coordinates are, and you replace INSERT NAME HERE with your friend's name. At the end, there is a deathmatch, but before that, you have to break a bunch of lucky blocks...Different than any other Trolling Parkour! Also the best yet!

Coordinates and where traps are, what type of traps: (This time, you don't have to set them all up)

 x: 158 y: 71 z: 286: Underneath this block in the rocket, there is a command block, put in this stuff and it should look something like this
                                        /tp (your friend that you are trolling name) 173 66 279
Sorry forgot to put in coordinates...
 x: 157 y: 191 z: 271: You don't have to set up this one, just persuade your friend to break a thing from the top, so it'll explode the tnt minecarts inside it.

 x: -83 y: 63 z: 177: Go inside here, and go to the end of the minecart track. The opposite side of minecart is where it is, where the minecart would end when it was triggered by a redstone signal. I didn't set one up, because it would be jerkish, and you would have to teleport him there. But if you wanna be dat troll, put a command block on top of any command block, and put in

                                       /kill (your friend that you are trolling name) OR /tp (your friend name) 173 66 279

 The /kill command through a command block doesn't work for me, so you would be safe doing /tp...but sometimes it works, but I wouldn't risk it.

 Another trap but you don't need coordinates, you can do it when you are playing the map with your friend:

 This is a rather kill everyone that is in the map with one movement...There is a hole on the center of the Deathmatch MARWIWO arena. You can go inside there and move the minecarts...it will make it funnier and harder to know who died last, but you can see who was the latest one who died, and leave it at that...


Lucky Block Mod (get the latest one for 1.7.2, v5.0.0!):

Forge 1.7.2(One I used is recommended, but you can use anything to run this, I think, and I recommend the installer for 1.7.2):


I'm currently working on SkyMine, a new minigame for the Xbox 360, and the PC...not sure if the Xbox 360 and the PS3 are the same types of worlds, but if they are, maybe I can have a PS3. I'm also starting to work on a big parkour map, not a trolling one, but a regular one.

If you can, leave a comment, on what you wanna see first: SkyMine or Minecour(that is the name)...also if you can, subscribe and leave a diamond...I like their shiny pixels!
CreditBodil40, inspiration
Progress100% complete

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Update #8 : by wags678 08/31/2014 10:23:07 pmAug 31st, 2014

Thank you guys for 200 downloads? Lucky Block Trolling Parkour is doing better than Z-Run. I didn't expect that, though Z-Run had a rough start...

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07/02/2014 12:23 pm
Level 43 : Master Explorer
wags678's Avatar
Tutorial for download everything:
1.Download the forge installer 1.7.2 (make sure that you already had a profile that used 1.7.2)
2.Open up the installer, and choose between server and client, put client on your .minecraft, and put the server for your server that you will or can put forge on.
3. Put in the lucky block 5.0.0 into the mods folder in the .minecraft folder, by doing %appdata% and go into the Roaming folder and go inside the .minecraft and yep...
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