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Mausoleum [with schematic and lore]

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I finally finished to reproduce in Minecraft the Mausoleum, whose original is located in the Plaza of Remembrance, in the heart of the Imperial City, on the Road to the Eastern Gate of the Forbidden Palace (also called Gate of Beginnings).
The Mausoleum was built in the year 1126 a.L, the first year of the second age following the ecclesiastical calendar, on the orders of the Curia, in the figure of the Archcardinal Leonis Alexopoulos. The architect was Sir Theodor de Rossignac, but he was long dead when the project started to get built. Historians think that the project was already in the hands of the Church around the first half of the fourth decade of the XI century, as Sir Theodor died in 1051, at the very young age of 62.
The structure was built in 100 days, following the second death of His Majesty the Highest Emperor.
In the Mausoleum is conserved the crystalized body of Akhenaton II, thirtysixth King of Terra, Conqueror of the Galaxy, Bringer of Light, who, moments before his death, was crowned as the firs Emperor of the Milky Way. The title was later changed to the one of Highest Emperor when the dinasty of Akhenaton became extinct and the Resurrection program was started.
Some say that in secret rooms beneath the crypt are also conserved the bodies used for the later reincarnations of the Emperor, but this is just a rumor, or a well conserved secret, as no proof of that has been found over the many millenia the structure has stood as one of the most revered symbols of the Empire.
The structure of the Mausoleum reminds the shape of the Ankh, a symbol of life for the ancien egyptians, and consists of two levels of colonnade surrounding a central space where a big statue of a figure seated on a throne stand. The colonnade also includes four rooms used to carry out religious rituals and as meeting locations.
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