[Build Timelapse Video!] Flam Lakeside Urgal Village

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How to find on server: Run the command "/mcalagaesia" to connect to the Staff Build server and warp to "/warp flam"

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Welcome to the Urgal village by the lake of Flam!

Inspired by Chistopher Paolini's series The Inheritance Cycle.

The original human settlement has been replaced with an Urgal village by Hotline_101.

The original build was by FlynnFries10, Morryatay, Hellomynameis99, LittleLamp, Hotline_101, mc2squared, 120Ben and lubenqwe when they spontaneously decided to build a town by the lake of Flam in an old version of the MCAlagaesia map. The town is based off a style by FlynnFries10.

Flash Mob Team Build!

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Resource Pack
Conquest 32x by Monsterfish
Conquest 3D Models

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Update #1 - Some Thoughts about "Flam" : 04/03/2020 1:26:45 amApr 3rd

The version of "Flam" originally featured in this submission (and still available in the video) was a non-canon town created in MCAlagaesia IV. Flam is actually the name of the lake, and there is no known human settlement here.

We have since replaced this town with an Urgal village, which does in fact exist in canon. Some screenshots have been added to showcase the Urgal village!

03/15/2015 6:24 pm
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Beautiful!  Love that rustic feel!
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