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Mead Hall Styles [An ongoing post]

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Hello! These are some of the halls I'm building and experimenting with on my server, Viking Age - Northern Europe. We are in the process of building a couple new maps, which, we hope, on entering will feel like stepping through a time machine to the dark ages. In these new maps we are building a historically accurate English and Danish coastline. The maps may be released soon for download.

Here are a few Danish and Anglo-Saxon mead hall styles I've been working on for the server. I'm only including the big mead-halls in these styles, not domestic houses. I'm quite proud of them, and I'd like to share them with the world for download. Be sure to check back often, because I'll be adding new hall styles now and then.

Resource-Pack used: Excaibur V 1.4

Shown below are the reference pictures I used for some of the halls.
Mead Hall Styles [An ongoing post] Minecraft Map
Artist depiction of building A4, from the Yeavering excavation by Brian Hope-Taylor

Mead Hall Styles [An ongoing post] Minecraft Map
The Mead Hall in the center: my reference picture for my "Animal Head" style hall.

Mead Hall Styles [An ongoing post] Minecraft Map
Reference picture for my "Danish Bowed Hall"

Sort of my inspiration for the "Classic Mead Hall"
Progress100% complete

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Good to see you, Zaelex
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Welcome back cooper ;)
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