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Medieval Petshop.

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angeluscaligo's Avatar angeluscaligo
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THis little petshop was made in my other largescale project, Angelus, but I find it such an original building and had so much fun making it, that I'm going to give it out as a schematic and as a seperate project.

For as far as I know, noone else has made a petshop in Minecraft and placed it online. So I hope you'll enjoy it.

This petshop is actually made to be compatible with Mo'Creatures, More Creeps & Weirdo's, the Dragon's Mod, the Aether mod & the vanilla Minecraft. It has 7 different indoor pens, for cats, dogs, wolves, dragons, moa's, bunnies, hares, guinea pigs & for the latest addition of Mo'Creeps & Weirdo's, the toy horse. The pens for Moa's, Toy horses & Dragons have doors in the ceilings so that you can ride them and fly outside through the doors.

The petshop also has stables for the normal horses of Mo'Creatures, but I only assigned the stables to the Pegasus' & to the Unicorns of that mod. There's a fenced area where you can keep the normal horses though.

The original building also has a cellar that's connected to the water around the city, through which new animals are brought in by traders, but I'm not going to include this in the final schematic.

All the pens are on the ground floor and on the first floor, you can find the place where the shop owner would live.

Any suggestions on what to build next are very appreciated.

Additional Notes

Although the entrance to the cellar is included, you must make your own cellar. Also, it's possible that one of the stables misses a wall, so you'll have to fix that too. Outside this, everything should be fine.

If you re-use this in a public project, please give credit, preferably by placing a sign somewhere within the building itself.
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