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Sinstrite's Avatar Sinstrite
Level 27 : Expert Engineer
This farm is a very complex, high output design cactus farm. If you do not have a computer with very high specs, you may experience lag, and it will slow down the amount of items you get per second/minute/hour.

I currently have the design at 95% complete, because while I've had one other person help verify the items/hour, I would like to make sure that it's correct. Anyone with a very high spec computer is welcome to help test this, and verify the numbers are correct. I don't want to end up lying to anyone.

With the current information gathered and tested, the farm produces 243,952 Items/Hour

Discussion, and information / Verification - Forum Link

There is a schematic for upload. Simply use McEdit to import the schematic into any world in your saves folder.

Additional Notes

Design Information

The design is 145x145 blocks in size from bedrock to sky limit.
102,240 blocks of sand used with one cacti on each.
Uses complex waterflows built with McEdit to minimize carrying space and allow more room for cacti placement - These flows can be stopped if a block update occurs beside a flow, so take caution when placing or deleting a block on the carrying system.
Progress95% complete

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08/13/2019 1:44 am
Level 1 : New Miner
xDevxC's Avatar
How do you get the water to flow one way I can’t seem to place it right
11/09/2011 5:18 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
MurderousMuffin's Avatar
This is really great and all, but why waste time gathering ludicrous amounts of one of the least valuable blocks in the game? There is only ever so much green dye a man needs.
11/10/2011 8:47 am
Level 27 : Expert Engineer
Sinstrite's Avatar
Why do people waste time gathering wood to build a house when they can just use cobble :p They prefer & enjoy it more. I simply like making things that push the game mechanics of getting the most out of collecting any certain item, a hobby basically.
11/09/2011 2:03 pm
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Architect
berserkdude's Avatar
Wanna talk abou big stuff? What about double it's production, lets say by x2 XD
11/09/2011 2:16 pm
Level 27 : Expert Engineer
Sinstrite's Avatar
I wish it were possible, I'm so curious about cactus farms now, I'm going to keep trying to make something better :p
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