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sycoinc avatar sycoinc
Level 57 : Grandmaster Programmer
Website Construction Under-way

Alpha postponed due to server outages and corrupting some of my files (SIGH)

MCBlueprint Website

What is Minecraft Blueprint?

Minecraft Blueprint is a upcoming website based off www.minedraft.net. This website plans to improve the existing websites and programs out there to make mock up designs of your creations.

Why Re-Invent Something already out there?

After using a few similar websites and programs out there I have found areas that lack in functionality and that are not easy on the eye. I aim to fix this.

What will be different about Minecraft Blueprint?

Minecraft Blueprint will be built from the ground up and be a web based application within the Minecraft Blueprint website (to be announced). With this application being build from scratch means I can add nearly any features I can think of, including suggestions from you the PMC community.

What are some Features Minecraft BluePrints will offer?

  • Save your Blueprint as a jpg or png file to your computer
  • Save Projects for Later editing
  • Share your Blueprint creations with an online community
  • Make your Blueprint with Popular Texture Packs (eventually able to upload your own)
  • Multiple Views
  • Smooth User Interface
  • Almost Unlimited Blueprint work area
  • 16x16, 32x32 and 64x64 views of ALL Minecraft blocks
  • Mob Icons for mob trap planning
  • Much much more...

Possible Features:
  • Create Accounts
  • Share projects with comments like PMC

When will this be ready for testing / use?

Currently this is in the Planning and Design phase, I am creating the UI designs and mapping how the whole program will work so currently there is no ETA for this project.

What can I do to help?

You can help by leaving me a comment with suggestions of features you want for this application and the final website. Along with this to show your interest please subscribe, favourite and diamond so i can see how many people may use Minecraft Blueprints in the future.

Keep an eye on this project for updates and screenshots of the designs.

Additional Notes

If you wish to help Fund or Donate to this website / application please pm me, any help for this would be great... Also any suggestions let me know
Progress40% complete

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Update #21 Alpha postponed : by sycoinc 10/05/2012 9:20:18 amOct 5th, 2012

Alpha postponed due to server outages corrupting my files

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04/16/2019 11:51 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
Last_Dovahkiin avatar
I miss minedraft, and got interested only to see server outages killed this project before it could get off the ground. Sucks, man. Maybe you could team up with someone else to revive this project, or are ya just gonna give up on websites entirely? I say never give up, never surrender. Don't let something like this bury your project, keep pushing until it works!
07/11/2015 4:14 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Crafter
mcdeagle2005 avatar
no download . how can i get it
07/12/2015 12:53 am
Level 57 : Grandmaster Programmer
sycoinc avatar
this project is no longer in active development
09/18/2015 12:23 am
Level 46 : Master Musician
CVerse avatar
Well, is there an alternative to yours and Minedraft?
09/21/2015 8:31 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Programmer
sycoinc avatar
Not that i know of, there are a few 3d programs and non mc based ones that people use but i dont know any specific to minecraft
01/18/2015 3:22 am
Level 1 : New Miner
MicHaeL-MonStaR avatar
Well, I guess this has ended a long time ago. Last updated 2 years ago, plus the linked website doesn't even exist anymore.

I wish it existed, cause I can't really find any website or program that does Minecraft-planning/blueprinting well. I've found some, but they either don't work or are very limited. Any suggestions?...
12/15/2014 3:16 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Scapegoat
MasterofBananaz avatar
Wrong Category
12/16/2014 3:24 am
Level 57 : Grandmaster Programmer
sycoinc avatar
when this was posted was about the only category for its palcement as got moved out of mods section
05/17/2014 10:28 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Cowboy
TeamPwnCraft avatar
12/16/2013 6:00 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Tobbo134 avatar
Its great for ppl who want to be an architect
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