Minecraft, but you can't move on foot...

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avatar COArSe_D1RTxxx
Level 8 : Apprentice Explorer

NOTE: This map was made in 1.15.2. I have not tested it in any other version, and therefore I don't know whether or not it is backwards- or forwards-compatible

This is a Minecraft map where you are basically doing everything like normal, except there's a twist. You cant move on foot. I know this sounds like you can't play the game at all, but you can still jump around, just much slower. You also don't need to waste your items on boots, because you already HAVE boots. (And don't try to be "smart" and take off the boots. You can't. There's Curse of Binding on them. You also can't break them, as they are unbreakable. You also can't just die with them, because keepInventory is on. So please don't waste your time like that.)
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