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avatar PaintedBlueFox
Level 13 : Journeyman Unicorn
Hi everyone i just finished buildings in my adventure map. I have few questions.
Is it OK to make adventure/RPG map with some mods?

It looks OK?
Someone who knows some commands and "Custom NPC" scripts wanna help me ?
I'm really confident. I might it will work.

I spent so much hours to make these buildings. 150+ hours
I'm lazy. I used 2 schematics buildings (floating medival islands). Rest is mine.

Some mods are needed:
-Age of weapons
-Custom NPC
-RPG inventory

I'm from poland and this person who is going to cooparate with me does not must know polish language but it will be welcome.

Updated with map link and download :)

-Main Questline almost comleted there is only last chapter to finish
-Storyline Finished
-Location Finished (except last 2 location)
-As you can see on my last ss there is a big war in the last chapter
-Main Questline is finished
-Fixed SO MUCH bugs
-Map is almost finished there are only 3 things to do(write lore of the world, make next quests, balance gameplay)

"Now i'm going to fix every bug on main questline,
add chest loot, make new quests, anad prepare spawn and 'last room' "

I finished my map but... i need to translate it.
Obviously map will be released in poland first, but after translating it wil be OK.
Progress100% complete

01/16/2019 6:08 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Really cool looking!
01/20/2019 3:19 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Unicorn
thx ^^ map will release 01.02.2019
but only in polish language
i need to translate it :/
translated version will be released in march
11/13/2018 10:51 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Ranger
Well I'm only judging from screenshots as I am bad with mod downloading, but I'll do my best to give my impressions and awnser what questions you have-
Is it OK to make adventure/RPG map with some mods?- Absolutely, but if you want a wider audiance to try out your project, it's better to make it vanilla. However, if you really want that sense of immersion, mods are great- totally the map maker's call.
It looks OK?- Just from screenshots? Absolutely, a very striking, unique building style that keeps things simple but interesting to look at, while not trying 'too' hard to be impressive.
Help with NPC coding? Sorry buddy. I'd love to but truth be told I'm awful with code and neither am I familiar with the Polish language- although my family came from there. :)
I wish you the best of luck on your project! Diamonds and Fave from me.
11/12/2018 5:31 am
Level 39 : Artisan Architect
Awesome dude! I just released my RPG adventure map too! We were both in the 'Best' projects list :D
11/11/2018 2:02 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Explorer
It's epic! But using functions/command block contraptions and a simple resource file within the Map could be a little more convenient... as I am quite used to working with command blocks myself. I am not Polish sorry...
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