Minecraft TNT Cannon Tutorial (Easy Build)


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Level 43 : Master Miner
This is a Very easy build of a TNT Cannon that shoots 4 TNT's at once. Download the schematic or watch the tutorial and build it yourself. Hope you enjoy.

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can you do a tutorial on how to instal mods as in any type of mod i have cracked version but im not sure if thet matters or not but iv tryed other tutorials but none work idk y.
do the tutorials tell you to put them in your minecraft.jar file?
yes i also delete the meta inf folder to but i mean noen of that works i cant find out why though
do you have a mod loader program?
i guess im downloading it right but as minecraft is loading it gets frozen right as it says done loading and i dont know what to do about that
i did but i don't even think i installed that right but yes i do

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