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novaldemar's Avatar novaldemar
Level 39 : Artisan Architect
Mini Mansion
Another Building in the Castle Series for you today. This one is a smaller mini mansion that could be used in the city generally or on the outskirts of town. I actually made two larger versions of this building before settling on posting this smaller one as I had limited time to integrate it into a map. The buildings have no interior as they are ment to be use as set pieces for a bigger build. Also a lot of the walls are very repetitive, this is done on purpose as until we can place them into their real positions there is little point adding extra extensions and breaking up part of the general build.

For more information on this project or the bigger Castle Town Build check out our Towny Survival Server: play.risemc.com (Creative Server coming soon!)
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08/08/2018 1:33 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Birb
Mine Thing
Mine Thing's Avatar

A great build with lots of attention to detail. I love it when people add custom trees to their builds (I usually go overboard and add hundreds of them to create a forest XD) I also really like the way you connected the roof to the centre part (I forgot the name) and used cobblestone walls on the roof to create a very unique style that I haven't seen much of before. Usually, with mansions, you see more of a front garden with a few statues, flowers and other sorts of decorations, but with a small scale build like this, and a limited time frame, there is not much point.

08/10/2018 8:26 am
Level 39 : Artisan Architect
novaldemar's Avatar

Hey Mine Thing! Really appreciate the comments and suggestions! This is the smallest of a series of Mannors / Town houses I have been creating over the last few days for an upcoming bigger build. I am still working out the style in places and dont want to flood PMC with every iteration.

I decided to display the smallest of the buildings on here because I was running short on time and it was the easiest to integrate into some terrain. The Trees were just a couple I nicked from a previous I made (our Towny server spawn). Because the build is not ment to be "Finished" and is going to be placed in a bigger city, I didnt focus for more than a few min on the exterior landscaping.

If you guys are interested I'll post a few more town house versions of this sort of building and a model street.
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