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Blues422's Avatar Blues422
Level 28 : Expert Architect
Well My first Project! anyway I though i might want to add that I am an GOD when it comes to Miniatures!
This is Oz!

ϒellowbrick ℜoad
£merald ςity
Green Lake
Witch's Castle
Gilikin Country
Winkie Country
Quadling Country
Glinda's Palace
Poppy Field
Corn Field
Dainty China Country
Dark Forest
Fire Mountain
ℵome Kings Domain
Land of Ev
Land of Ix
Land of Mo

I'm still working on it!
I will update pictures whenever I can!
(Movie + Books)

I wanted to emphasis the fact that Oz is HUGE but small too.

note that this map was built on another map that i do not own here is the link:

also note that this texture pack is not out for public use for it is the Nostalgia pack for 1.9.X and some of the textures such as the poppies, yellow bricks, red bricks, and rubys are all found in the gallery of nova skin

Also feel free to ask me to build miniatures for them! I love challenges!
Progress80% complete

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Update #2 : by Blues422 06/06/2016 11:26:04 amJun 6th, 2016

Magic in Oz are consisted of command blocks

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10/25/2016 4:10 pm
Level 28 : Expert Architect
Blues422's Avatar
Come on people! Do you know how much work was put into this!
Come on comment please!