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Misc. FNaF Maps Collection (UPDATE 4)

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Just a map that features several FNaF maps. I just wanted to share what I made with you all.

1.18 Map.

Also includes a separate folder with saved structure files of Freddy's, the Fright, and Circus Baby's, so you can summon them in your own worlds if you wish. Just copy it into your world folder, and use a structure block to summon them.

You can use the saved structures on worlds as far back as 1.16 (and perhaps 1.15) (but not the world, also I think the glowing signs in the new Circus Baby's might cause a problem in earlier builds.), and they're compatible with mods.

(NOTE: For Circus Baby's, summon "sister_location", and extra structure blocks for the rest of the building will appear. Just hit LOAD on those ones afterwards, and the correct sections will follow. HOWEVER, the build will NOT have a fully-completed outer shell. Also, several changes won't appear, such as glowing signs. Actually, that kinda applies to all the saved structures. Sorry about that.)

Feel free to use the structures in anything, like city maps, or add your own elements to make them better than they are. (Well, you could add anything, and it'd be a huge improvement.)


-Added paintings to a few builds.
-Added Sister Location screenshots
-Added a tour video for three of the builds
-Resource Pack!
-Added secrets inside each of the builds. Remember to check the whole build if you want to find them all.

1. Freddy Fazbear's Pizza

A rather condensed map, compared to the others, but it still has what it takes to be as accurate as possible. The kitchen is kinda iron-door-ed up, and heavily unfinished, but that's only for the structure save, and not the map. (Well, it kinda unfinished regardless, but I'll fix it later in the map.) It also includes a lighting system that keeps a majority of the building lit up day-and-night. You can change this if you want.

-Fixed kitchen a bit.
-Office hallways now light up in the day.

2. Fazbear's Fright
A special map that incorporates a crawling vent system. Flip the trapdoors to enter the vents. It includes a light system that only lights up at night.

3. Circus Baby's Pizza World
The largest of the maps. This includes the appropriate locations set up to simply capture the theme. Also has Funtime Freddy's Arcade between the Funtime Auditorium and the main performance room.
When summoning, remember the structure faces negative Z.

-Fixed the concrete table mistake (applies to all other builds)
-Updated saved structure to include modern version with outer walls and fixes. (I think. I haven't tested it yet.)

4. Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (FFPS)
The only one not saved as a structure (yet), this one uses the Security Breach layout of the underground instead of the FNaF 6 one, accessed via stairwell. It has the recharge stations for some reason. The whole upper floor has a lighting system similar to the FNaF 1, so it stays lit up throughout the day.

-Removed naughty word in the women's restroom. Forgot I put a reminder to update it in there.
-Shoo-ed Afton out of the basement again.
-Updated a few signs.

The Rat and Cat's Theater (FNAC3)
Popgoes and the Machinist (Full Arcade Map made separately)
FNAF World Full Map (Separate map)
Candy's (FNAC 1)
The Factory (FNAC 2)
Pizza Party (VR)
Guest locations (Popgoes 2)
More coming soon...

Resource Pack:
Check the gallery at the top to view the contents of the resource pack!
A new pack for the map I developed. Only changes a handful of things so far. If you'd like to suggest a texture change for the maps, let me know!:
-Iron doors look more game-accurate
-Iron trapdoors, same applies.
  ISSUE: The face texture doesn't rotate, so it looks off.
-Dark oak doors are now plain gray doors, to fit the establishment feel
-Birch doors are now glass doors
  ISSUE: the glass can be seen through, but it makes the interior invisible. I don't think it's fixable.
-Changed oak signs to plain gray, to fit the establishment feel
-Birch signs are now yellow and black, to mirror a caution sign.
-Two paintings are changed: "aztec" now looks like a black monitor. "sunset" looks like a simple mirror.
  ISSUE: Forgot to change a few arcade machines with these paintings.
-Just for fun, poppies are no longer poppies. They're roses again! They fall under the name "rose" in the menu, and have the original texture restored.
-Added splash text to the main menu
  ISSUE: There's no background yet.

There's a secret over there------>                                                 HIDDEN FILE!
Progress100% complete

5 Update Logs

Update #5 : by DevTeam53 09/06/2022 10:17:50 amSep 6th, 2022

Beta map has been added, but it's hidden in the description and password-guarded. Good luck!

Added Rat and Cat's Theater (FNaC 3)

Found some weird closed-off rooms in Circus Baby's.

Added Business Signs

Changed the remaining Fazbear's to the POPGOES's Golden Freddy Location (Still a W.I.P.)


Add Lily's Pizzaria (POPGOES Reprinted)

Add Popgoes

Add FNaC 1 and 2 locations.

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01/29/2022 11:22 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
woofer2's Avatar
dude you did so good it looks amazing can i try playing on the map?
01/30/2022 2:01 pm
Level 22 : Expert Miner
DevTeam53's Avatar
Of course! All you need to do is download the map with the link, place the worlds folder (not the generated folder) into your save folder (in .minecraft\save), then open the game in 1.18, then hit play!
I hope you enjoy!