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Mob Arena V [Requires Latest 1.8 Snapshot]

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toad180's Avatar toad180
Level 42 : Master Engineer
Mob Arena V is the fifth minigame in the Mob Arena series.

Mob Arena V is an arena, where you fight mobs, buy items, and test your skills against many monsters ranging from zombies to Wither Bosses.

There are 20 waves in all, where at the beginning of each wave you gain 5 gold, where you can spend it in the shop, to buy items, such as armor, weapons, food, or pets. You gain one gold every time you kill a monster. It is up to you to find out what kind of monsters the waves bring, however.

In the arena there will be 3 buttons, the yellow outlined button will lead to the shop, the blue outlined button will start the next wave, and the black outlined button will lead you up to the spectator ring. In the spectator ring you can spectate with ease with being at a higher elevation. In the spectator ring you will find a red outlined button, that when pressed will reset all progress in the game, making it replayable.

This game has a recommended amount of 1-4 players, with four being the best amount to play it, and 1 being the hardest.

If you would like to make and upload a gameplay video of this map, it is allowed. However, please put a link to either the PMC or the Minecraft Forums page in the description, and give me, toad180, credit for the map creation.

Game Rules:
Pvp: Off (for more difficult gameplay, turn it on)
Other than that it is already optimized within the map.

Make sure that you are in the latest 1.8 snapshot, as this map takes place in the snapshot, and doesn't work without it.
Make sure that you have command blocks on, in order for the map to work.
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by toad180 06/10/2014 11:50:52 amJun 10th, 2014

Fixed bug where social zombies broke the game.

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