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Level 28 : Expert Modder
This was played in survival mode completely legit, along with a few mods...

the mods i had were Divine RPG & The Trail Mix Mod you'll need to install these if you want the items from the mods in my world or Your world. You can still load up the world without the mods, but the modded items will be gone but the normal minecraft items will still be there as everything is stored in seperate chests. But I HIGHLY Reccomend playing this world with the Divine RPG Mod And The Trail Mix Mod (I'm not sure if i'm allowed to link the mods here soo yeah... you're on your own to find them)

I also put all my equipped armor in item frames along with all my currently equipped items in my hotbar feel free to take them.

Some commands i have enabled is: /gamerule mobGriefing false & /gamerule keepInventory true this means if you die, you do not lose anything and you dont have to worry about creepers blowing stuff up

I have also rigged up some nifty command block transporting sytems, don't worry if you use it to teleport somewhere it will bring you to the destination along with a command block available there that will take you home

I also have animal farms and a carrot farm and wheat farm

My House was built in an NPC village but only the priest villager remain with an iron golem, the village only consisted of 3 houses when it first generated.

If you do not have Divine RPG than the portal room would be empty except the nether portal

My skeleton mob grinding dungeon must be done manually it works like this: skeletons spawn and fall off a huge cliff and take massive fall damage and only take 1 hit to kill afterwards.

I also made some random mine cart thing i never finished it though

All the Diamonds you see in my chest ARE legit i used a fortune 3 enchanted diamond pickaxe which has a chance to multiply the diamonds or redstone or lapis or coal mined from the ore. And this world had ALOT of diamonds

and there is alot of other stuff im too lazy to type out. i'll probably type them and edit this description a few times if i remember some extra stuff about the map

also here's the cords for a bunch of places, the command blocks tp you to most of there places though these cords also come in the folder of the map download oh and the world seed is really great!

Diamond if you liked it? and/or subscribe 4 moar!

x: -338
y: 66
z: 198

x: -563
y: 31
z: 548

x: -309
y: 7
z: 179

Skeleton Dungeon
x: -235
y: 64
z: 414

Zombie Dungeon (Incomplete Farm/Grinder)
x: -567
y: 61
z: 984

Nether Fortress
x: -301
y: 81
z: -135

Nether Portal
x: -52
y: 55
z: 15
Progress: 100% Complete

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  • Burrito_Lord
  • Level 12
  • Journeyman Pokemon
  • January 23, 2015, 12:10 am
i need help with finding divine rpg for 1.7.10
down it from downloads.divinerpg.org

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