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Modern Houses & other buildings (download moved to Mediafire)

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IMPORTANT: Please use the ModernHD 1.10 (its really important to use the 1.10 Version) Resourcepack for the Modern House part of the world and the Default one for the survival world.

IMPORTANT: Please use the command "/gamerule doFireTrick false" because if you dont some of the buildings may start to burn.

So here i am with my second build: This time its my Modern House/survival world. About 2 years ago i built the Modern Houses, and about a year after that i used the same world to start a survival world with a friend of mine called Olli. The first part of the world features my 4 Modern Houses which, exept one, i completely built by myself. All of the modern houses exept the round one have automatic lighting which turns on during the night and turns off during the day. They all have at least one bedroom, a bathroom with a shower and/or bathtub, a kitchen and a dining room. Near the small house there is a button connected to a commandblock which will teleport you to the survival section of the world.
As the Name implies all of the buildings in this section of the world were build in survival. The world features several buildings in a rather medival style but most of them also have some redstone integrated. As you will notice, some of the Buildings were inspired or rather copied from Age of Empires 2 as i really like the game. The world features a small castle, an AoE inspired marked, several towers, and more. i didnt include all buildings/features in the screenshots as i often like to discover things in worlds i download and i hope you too have fun doing so in my world. Credit goes to my friend Olli who massivey helped building the survival part and having some wonderful ideas for the buildings. I recommend using shaders. I personally use Sildurs but use whichever you want. (i hope i didnt make to many spelling mistakes as im not a native english speaker, im german in fact :P) I hope you have fun with the world. :)
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05/25/2018 9:47 am
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this is fake
06/23/2018 6:47 pm
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How is it fake?
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