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Modern Yachts and Port | SUB to Hostedgamers X

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avatar federicoestevez
Level 29 : Expert Creeper

youtube channel:



this is a project made by nicdud123 and my self

please use pamplemousse texture pack

link to download the texture pack:


my youtube channel:


nicdud123's channel:

Progress95% complete

27 Update Logs

Update #27 : 08/28/2013 3:27:43 pmAug 28th, 2013


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great plz look on my projects ok?
  • nickanick12
  • Level 7
  • Apprentice Engineer
  • February 4, 2013, 10:41 am
didnt send message so here.

Hi , i wanted to addd you on skype to purpose you an offer as well as your team,

i run my own company started off clothing lol then my friends like lets make a band so it went into music, blahsay blahsay lol then my bro was like i want a tekkit server so im like ill help ha, so we made a tekkit server using my name, and recently ive started working on a website, but what my company does is signs people its not a whole bunch of legal blahsay blahsay cause im only 19 llol its just i ask u, u say if u do and we agree by word of mouth. but yeah useally its for modleing, music but i have a design section to, and mostly would be tats, graphic grafitti lol, but when i seen how nice work was i was like yep he should be recruited to rep my company, heres how it works,, u build what you want, i post it on my site for the downloads or views, and you start putting my logo by ur name lol, i also set up a dontation spot just for you on my site which would say, somthing like ''WANT TO SEE MORE DESIGNS ON OUR SERVER DONATE TO A MEMBER OF DEV TEAM'' now u may never ever ever make any money but then again u might lol, basically i wanna know if u wanna be a recruit to my company,ka a representitive -non paid- i have otherrs that do music i put on site, and designs and stuff but i havent finished up site yet lol im currently in proccess of signing 3 other project managers from planet minecraft since i recently opened up this section.

kind regards

p.s i will sign anyone that can build works of art such as this.

skype username : undecovertekkit

add if interested

this message is tyypical for all users i want to sign
  • TheMcVikings
  • Level 56
  • Grandmaster Mountaineer
  • January 22, 2013, 7:04 am
  • ouston810
  • Level 36
  • Artisan Ninja
  • January 11, 2013, 11:32 am
hello how would u and nicdud123 like to be a builder on my server?
ok we want to see the server and then we will think about it
  • ouston810
  • Level 36
  • Artisan Ninja
  • January 13, 2013, 11:36 am
Ok I won't be on but some staff maybe. I will tell them ur usernames and the ip is
i went but i want you to ge when are you going to be there?
  • ouston810
  • Level 36
  • Artisan Ninja
  • January 15, 2013, 10:32 am
i will be on today anytime
i am not on the white list
  • ouston810
  • Level 36
  • Artisan Ninja
  • January 16, 2013, 9:57 pm
umm sorry i just made it whitelist coz a few hackers got on my server
  • ouston810
  • Level 36
  • Artisan Ninja
  • January 16, 2013, 9:57 pm
sorry but the job is unavalible now

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