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[One Command Creation] More Mega Swords by GerganaGZ - Over 10 Powerful Weapons!

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GerganaGZ's Avatar GerganaGZ
Level 43 : Master Musician
Hey Guys! This is another one command from me!
This command adds 13 swords, 1 scythe, some poisoness oils and new ingot - ruby! See below in the recipies how can you make them! This add totaly 19 items /18 items, if we don't count the Get_Crafting item/!

For this command I spend more than 7 hours work...
The command is 31,000+ characters long..
Compatible with Single and Multiplayer! (only on vanilla servers)

For the command, click here!

How can I install it?
You didn't need mods for this! Just follow the steps
1. Open your Minecraft world
2. Give yourself a command block by /give @p command_block in the chat. You need to allow your cheats, if they are not allowed, just click "esc" >>> Open to LAN >>> Allow Cheats:On >>> Start Lan World and you are ready!
3. Paste the command from the link above into the command block and power it with button or redstone block/torch
4. Enjoy!

Recipies & Stuff
Here are displayed all the recipies, and effects that the weapons from the command adds and preforms...

Now in this command all the weapons are NOT from different types, but they do different think.
Giant Swords: Mainly when you hit a mob, it pump them up to 5-6 blocks heigh.
Daggers: Mainly gives you speed (it's height is lower than the normal swords and etc. and why I made it like this :D) and probably have useable enchantments and more unbreaking
Natural Swords: All other swords - they do something different from Daggers and Giant Swords
Other Materials: Other potions and other things, that helps you to make the other staff. They're NOT require to be maded in Weapon Crafting!

Now the recipies and effects:
Note. IMPORTANT: It's recommended to made the recipies like are they displayed, for ex. it displayed the recipie like this: diamond + ruby + gunpowder in the Weapon Crafting, and you need to throw first the diamond in the Weapon Crafting, later the ruby and for final the gunpowder /diamond > ruby > gunpowder/, but if you throw them like this - ruby > diamond > gunpowder or like other combination, it maybe will ruin your materials and lose them without giving your weapon (I made it like this purposely :D)
The most of the recipies require Weapon Crafting, so first you need to made it.

The Recipies are displayed like this:
/the items, you need to drop to the Weapon Crafting, in a row/
what it makes


Weapon Crafting
Lava Bucket + Diamond + Emerald
With it you can made all the weapons and items here! To place it, just right-click with the egg, and to destroy and get it again, you have an egg for this... Just near the Weapon Crafting right-click and you will get it! :) You can clone it, when you click again and again with the Get_Crafting egg, so you can make it one time at least, and later you can clone it..

Iron Dagger
Blaze Rod + Iron Ingot
It gives you Speed II + Resistance II
6 Damage

Golden Dagger
Blaze Rod + Golden Ingot
It gives you Speed II and you become invisible
4 Damage

Diamond Dagger
Blaze Rod + Diamond
It gives you Speed, and it have Fire Aspect + Unbreaking, so it's good for combining
7 Damage

Emerald Dagger
Blaze Rod + Emerald
Gives you of course Speed II, and you have Jump Boost. You can jump 5 blocks high!
7 Damage

Ruby Dagger
Blaze Rod + Ruby
Speed II and Regeneration II
8,5 Damage

Redstone + Diamond
The brand new ingot... Maded with alchemy :D

Iron Giant Sword
Stick + Iron Ingot + Ruby + Lava Bucket
Pumps up the mobs, when you hit them (in 4 block radius) and gives you resistance II
7,5 Damage

Diamond Giant Sword
Stick + Diamond + Ruby + Lava Bucket
Pump the mobs + Resistance II and Fire Resistance II
10,75 Damage

Emerald Giant Sword
Stick + Emerald + Ruby + Lava Bucket
Pump the mobs, gives you Resistance II and Regeneration II
12 Damage

Magic Scythe
Ruby + Gunpowder + Diamond
When you hit a mob, it spawn Exploding Wither Skull at them (or most of them :D) and BOOM!
7-8 Damage /maybe :D/

Poison Oil

Glass Bottle + Spider Eye + Gunpowder
It helps you to make the Poison Sword and the Fire Sword and the Wither Oil

Wither Oil
Glass Bottle + Fermented Spider Eye + Ghast Tear + Poison Oil
It helps you to make the Wither Sword and the Ice Sword

Blaze Rod + Redstone + Ghast Tear
It gives you Speed IV, Regeneration III and when you hit a mob, all the mobs in radius 4 blocks DIE, but NOT drop anything (just a murdering weapon :D)
20000 Damage :D

Poison Sword
Stick + Spider Eye + Diamond + Poison Oil
When you hit a mob, it gives to all mobs in radius 4-5 blocks poison for few seconds
6,5 Damage

Wither Sword
Stick + Redstone + Ghast Tear + Wither Oil
When you hit a mob again, it gives to all mobs in radius 4 blocks wither poison for 10 seconds
9 Damage

Fire Sword
Stick + Blaze Powder + Fire Charge + Poison Oil
It gives you Fire Resistance II, and when you hit a mob, they're gonna fired up in 4 block radius. Also when you walk with the Fire Sword, you remove the fire, when for example you flint your wooden house
6,5 Damage

Ice Sword:
Stick + Ice + Wither Oil
When you hit a mob, it freezes all the mobs for few seconds in a curtain radius. It gives you Regeneration III and Resistance IV
6 Damage

If it have bug, just comment it, and if you are a youtuber and can make a review on the command, you will help me a lot :)
If you are gonna use this in your map or something, don't say that is yours! Add me to the credits, or just don't lie!

This One Command is very cool combine with my Extra Mega Bows, if you want to increase your weapon storage!

Don't forget, if you want more new things in Vanilla Minecraft, to see my other One Command Creations in my profile!
Hope you enjoy it!

Progress100% complete

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by GerganaGZ 07/30/2015 8:43:20 amJul 30th, 2015

- Fixed the Emerald Giant Sword - a bug with the effects

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