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Mute Chat - Spigot Plugin

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YugieDev avatar YugieDev
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Download Here - https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/mute-chat.27156/
Mute Chat - Spigot Plugin Minecraft MapMute Chat is a lite and simple plugin that allows you to do :- Mute your chat- Clear Chat- Banned Words- Global Mute- Anti SpamThe plugin also contains a simple and easy to follow config which anyone can follow. Also allows you to change the messages that are brought up. Thanks for the 200+ Downloads!
Skype Support Chat - https://join.skype.com/o3ygPjLAkMCu
Mute Chat - Spigot Plugin Minecraft Map
/mutechat - Disabled or enable the chat
/mutechatreload - Reload the config
/mutechatversion - Shows the version you are running
/clearchat - Clears global chat
/clearplayerchat - Clears the players chat
/muteglobalchat - Mute the global chat
Mute Chat - Spigot Plugin Minecraft Mapmutechat.* - Admin perms
mutechat.reload - Reload the config
mutechat.use - Allows the user to use mute chat
mutechat.clearglobalchat - Allows a player to clear the server chat
mutechat.clearplayerchat - Allows players to clear their chat
mutechat.global - Allows players to mute global chat
mutechat.bypass - Bypass global mute
mutechat.antispam.bypass - Bypass anti spam timer

* All permissions are default as OP

- - Ban words in chat
- Mute global chat
- Mute a player
- Add updater checker
Config - click to reveal
# Mute Chat Plugin# By - Yugie## If there are errors with the config on start up please use# yaml-online-parser.appspot.com/ to check for errors# Colour Codes are '&'## Prefix for all the messagesPrefix: '&7[&dMute Chat&7] 'Permission: '&cYou do not have permission to do this command'ChatEnabled: '&aYour chat has been enabled'ChatDisabled: '&cYour Chat has been disabled'ClearGlobalChatMessage: '&bGlobal chat has been cleared'ClearPlayerChatMessage: '&bPlayer chat has been cleared'GlobalMuteMessage: '&cChat is disabled please try again later'GlobalMuteEnabled: '&aGlobal chat is now enabled'GlobalMuteDisabled: '&cGlobal chat is now disabled'BannedWordMessage: '&cYou are not allowed to say this word in chat'AntiSpamTime: 3AntiSpamMessage: '&cPlease do not spam in chat'BannedWords:- fuck- shit- dick- pussy- fanny- sex- porn- anal- www.(Ad link removed)- play.cornhub.com

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Please do not decompile the plugin I will release a source code when ready.
Progress80% complete

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