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My Online Survival Village

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avatar RynzAMasta007
Level 49 : Master Architect
This is the village I have been building on an online survival server. The servers difficulty is set on Hard
I have never built a village this big on an online survival server and because of that fact, i am very proud of this project.

I am the only one who has been building in my village so all that you see was created by me alone. The donators get to fly on this server but I cannot donate. Point made, I built all this with out flying. I rent out some of my houses to other players but they're not aloud to really change anything with out me doing it for them. This village is still growing and has gotten so big, i had to start making roads and small infrastucture to get around!
I love my village!!!

*If you know anything about the "griefprevention" plugin, you know? Land claims. The village uses 21,000 claim blocks.
*The castle in this video is the first castle I have ever made on minecraft. I used a picture of Disney Land to help me. Seriously.
*The big tree in the video will be one of many soon and it is the first time I have ever attempted to build one in survival mode.

Houses include:
-Stables - to put my horses/tree saps/harvested stuff
-BlackSmith - a place I use to smelt ore and repair armor/tools. It also has a loft for hay bail storage.
-Club house/caffe - tables and chairs/enchanting table
-Pub - built for making potions and keeping all my potion stuff. I actually rent out the upstairs.
-Lake cabins - I refer to these houses as the "Tiny House Projects" usually 2 rooms big. i rent these. i have about 12 of them.
-Houses - I have about 4 or 5 full size houses. not huge but not small. i dont rent these ones out to often.
-Castle - More like a strong hold, I mostly use it for storage. The castle has a king and queen. no, its not me.
-Graveyard - was used for storage of mob drops. graves had coffins and i would stick mob drops in them. now its a garden.
Progress100% complete
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