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New Pirate-themed Fantasy RPG server looking for dedicated staff!

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avatar Iltharia
Level 5 : Apprentice Network
Hello there! Thank you for taking notice!

If you are reading this then that means two things:

1. You of course can read or see this text.

2. You are interested in hearing the offer of staff positions. In a brand-spanking new server!

Now this server has been around for about a year or so now, and over the past 365 or so days it has gone through a lot of changes, unfortunately...due to recent IRL reasons, it had to be put on hold and taken down. Since then however, the server is under new management and ready for action!

Ages of Itharia is a "chronologically-influenced" server which means that time is moving constantly within the realm. There are no main characters that players can play. instead each character's actions IRP are important to the world and help shape and progress it! The theme for the server is of a Pirate/Colonial Era Fantasy style!

Now allow us to answer a few majority questions:

Q: What kind of server is this?

A: Ages of Iltharia is a roleplaying/RPG styled server with the intentions of offering a unique experience that no other server currently is currently doing!

Q; What sort of staff positions are you looking for?

A: Our staff team is broken down into 4 specific branches: Building, Administrative, Creative (Lore stuff) and Development (plugins) teams. At the moment we are hiring new members under each of these branches.

*NOTE: We only have a select number of slots to fill so not everyone will be getting a spot, but its worth the time and if your application is of high quality you shouldn't need to worry!

Q: How do I get started on becoming a team member?

A: There are multiple ways to apply, however you will need a copy of one of our staff applications (depending on which branch you choose) found on our AoI website! (see link below). From there either submit the application via PMC here to our account, you can also make a thread on our website in the applications section!

If you have any further questions feel free to comment below or send a mail to our account page here on PMC!

For any further information, lore, history, character ideas, etc. check out our dedicated server website at:


"We hope to hear from many of those eager faces soon; see you all serverside!"
-Iltharia Staff
Progress25% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1: Server Revival : 04/16/2018 9:08:37 pmApr 16th

Here's to add for those of you still interested:

We will be reopening the server into a closed Beta for those who are selected for staff, with a further open release down the line!

The dates for these releases is currently unknown, however that shall be updated here as well!

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I'm an amateur builder, with some basics of contrast, palate and some sense of style, i scouted around the AOL website and couldn't find the application link. But non-the-less still really interested and would be very happy to help on this build, i have not done any major builds before and would like the opportunity to do so..
  • Iltharia
  • Level 5
  • Apprentice Network
  • April 16, 2018, 4:39 pm
Hello there! we're glad you're interested; here is the direct link:

unfortunately it says that there is an error with the link you sent me :/

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