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Hero Warriors avatar Hero Warriors
Level 30 : Artisan Explorer
One, super OP chunk! Version: 1.20.1 (Java Edition)

If you’re making a video of playing the map, email me (bitgeszo@gmail.com)!

When starting you may not be spawned in the bedrock box, so if that happens, just walk in it and step on the preassure plates!

If Enderman don't spawn try to make the room for them more dark!
Don't forget to bring a pickaxe to the end, because you have to mine out!


A chunk with a lot of OP things! Try it now, it's realy fun!

Building time: 12 really fun hours!

Youtubers who played the map:
Katona Krisztián (100k subscribers): www.youtube.com/watch?v=8c7Fzs-RDOE
Progress100% complete

3 Update Logs

The 1.20.1 Update : by Hero Warriors 09/17/2023 5:35:20 amSep 17th

- Updated to 1.20.1
- Cherry Blossom Biome
- Ancient City Biome
- New Loot
- Bug fixes

Testers: AndrewEmett, MR_kigyó, Atillapro, _KrisiH_ (and myself).

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06/15/2022 11:26 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User4198491G avatar
-the blaze spawners are busted, even with slabs everywhere but the inside of the chamber: they spawn everywhere but the chamber.

-the shulkers all warp to/stay on the bottom of the bedrock...as in; "where you can't kill them and get their shells".

-lastly, the End spawn location is deep inside the island. I didn't take a pickaxe with me just to scope the place 1st and had to go into creative just to find out I would have been digging by hand for an hour in any direction, at least...just to kill myself.

I gave up and deleted the world after this last one, but I had fun until then.
08/25/2022 9:26 am
Level 30 : Artisan Explorer
Hero Warriors
Hero Warriors avatar
Thank you for the comment and sorry for the late reply.

I'm updating the map to 1.19.2 soon and I will try to fix these things. If you have any advice how could I fix the shulker and blaze problem let me know!

I'm happy that you had fun, and if you want, you can try out the new 1.19.2 version soon!
11/01/2021 5:57 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice System
Scrifty avatar
This. Is. Awesome.
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