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Open Hearth Furnace Facility

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Dwurban's Avatar Dwurban
Level 37 : Artisan Engineer
Good evening once again my good planet minecrafters. This time I have for you something different than a blast furnace (Shocking!) Though, it does follow the same pattern of the blast furnaces in that both are used in the steel making process. 
This is an Open Hearth Furnace (Well, 12 of them to be exact, all in one building, and with an Ingot Stripper Shed and Scrap Handling Shed, hence the term Open Hearth Complex). These were used for many years as the most efficient way to turn molten iron into steel. They had a long life, but for the most part died out in the 1980's when Basic Oxygen and Electric Furnaces were invented. However, because I like basing most of my steel related stuff off of older pieces of machinery, I decided to create this over the newer models. (Perhaps someday Ill make the other kinds of steel smelters?) 
Anyway, to sum it up, once molten iron is brought over from the blast furnaces, it is dumped in the Hot Metal mixer, where other alloys, like nickel and scrap steel, are mixed in and made into the industrial version of baking mix. This is then charged into the Open Hearth furnaces, smelted, and tapped into ladles, creating a batch of steel. The steel is eventually teemed from the ladle into ingot cars, then hauled to the stripper shed, where after cooling for a fair amount of time, are stripped of their ingot mold. Afterwards, they are taken to rolling mills, slab mills, or many other processing plants. 
So yeah, not much more to say but that.
Oh also, if you notice any inconsistances in this furnace complex, please tell me what source you got your arguement from. Finding accurate planning of open hearth facilities is a lot harder than it looks, hence some minor inaccuaraces, and any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Update #2 : by Dwurban 10/12/2015 12:10:48 amOct 12th, 2015

MAJOR update:

The newly rebuilt furnaces are complete! This time theres added rail lines, completed buildings, and landscaped ground.

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