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[1.12+] Opilian: An Open-World Adventure Map

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Rybat117's Avatar Rybat117
Level 36 : Artisan Taco
This was an old map I worked on a long time ago. I recently picked it up again and revamped it to make it, well, playable. What is it? This is Opilian, an open-world adventure map where you can explore a troubled world of islands and do quests. It's a non-linear map similar to a Witcher/WoW-like game where you can quest and progress at your leisure. There are minimal tutorials in order to allow you to discover the mechanics. I don't know if this project will be continued, but it will at least exist for an eternity on PMC in a good state. Enjoy, and report bugs below!

Previous Versions
CreditJasonwhit, rogawo
Progress100% complete

4 Update Logs

Version 1.1.5: The Revamp : by Rybat117 08/27/2017 3:47:25 pmAug 27th, 2017

I've decided to pick up the project again and get it into working order. I don't know how long the second run will last, but here's the first patch:

- Quests across the map have been redone
- Added Tokens as a currency, which can be used to buy armor and weapons
- Revamped the weapon progression system
- You now start at 0 xp
- Revamped the quest interface
- Your location is now given via 'Guide Blocks' to make the buttons more visible

Many visual and spatial updates have been made across the Kingdom
- The Great Flame has gone out, and the Village is now in a state of recovery
- The Watchtower has been purged of evil, and is now being repaired
- The areas beneath the Kingdom have been expanded
- Lionseye Harbor has been remodeled
- Added the Dungeon, which may be expanded further in the future

Fort Emen has been repurposed to act as an endgame area
- Added the Mob Battle and Survival Arena minigames
- Many visual updates, such as the changing of banner colors
- Added an upper level to the buildings

- Questing experience completely revamped
- Slightly expanded the island, and redid underground areas
- Shares a currency with Fort Emen

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