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[Oscdea] C8-Osprey Dropship

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The C8 Osprey serves as a multi-role transport ship for the Oscdean military forces. It's large generous troop bay allows up to 26 standard Oscdean infantry, as well as additional room to carry supplies that can be airlifted from its back bay. It's hull size allows quick and easy access in and out of capital ship hangers, and carries a magnetic clamp to airlift heavy armored vehicles into the battlefield.

This build was made for The Corporate Hub Roleplay, a community of people roleplaying in a fictional universe entirely created by us, with its own lore and history. Far in the future, on an Earth ravaged by natural disasters, city-states, alien empires, and large corporations of equal power fight for power on a fully built Minecraft landmass. There are elements of futurism, as great airships roam the skies under the fleets of their respective factions, plasma bolts fly across battlefields, and automated tanks roll through cities. However, there remains an element of our world today, with factions squabbling for power, the constant threat of disease and starvation, and diplomacy being the only thing keeping everyone from plunging into wars.
In this RP, you can expect:

    • Quality Character RP, both as the leader of your faction and others within it.

    • Entertaining, Immersing Lore.

    • Engaging Diplomacy and Conflict.

    • A fully-fledged, detailed world with several city-states and corporate facilities.

    • Grand battles, harsh, real relationships between characters and factions, and a friendly community.

If you're interested, please visit our Discord at https://discord.gg/5Avwde2. Once there, we'll get you started, get you a nation, and get you involved with the world.

Also, for more information, check out our wiki! https://thecorphub-archive.fandom.com/f.
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