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[1.12.2] OtherPlanet v3.0

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avatar RetroApo
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
This map was originally created by IHATEPINK, but I have permission from him to publish this new, updated verison of his map:

OtherPlanet v3.0
by RetroApo


Years ago your civilisation designed first spacecraft, but couldn't find a way to power it. One day small research group went right into the core of the planet. There they have found small, but very bright object - exact planet's core, today known colloquially as "Nether Star". They took it back to the surface for further studies. The scientists quickly realised that the core had inside immense amout of energy so it became clear that it had to be used as a power source for unfinished spacecraft. After weeks of hard work they managed to connect it to spacecraft systems. The government could finally carry out first colonisation mission. But not only the colonists were sent to a new home. There was also another research team onboard which got a mission to check if this planet also have "Nether Star" inside. Sometime after their arrival they confirmed that they have found second "Nether Star" inside the core. Every following colonisations also revealed "Nether Stars" deep inside planets. Currently before any colonist arrival, the government send only one, but talented person to prepare the planet, but also to retrieve the core of the planet. And you are one of them. Now you're arriving at another planet selected by government for colonisation. It may look small but is in fact much bigger inside. It is also very simillar to your homeworld. Your goals are mentioned above. Good luck!


* As usual don't cheat, don't use mods etc.
* Do not leave the planet
* Certain challenges will reward you with a knowledge book so remember to always have at least one empty slot in your inventory
* Don't enter the core if you're not well prepared


Challenges are directly in game as advancements (or achievements). There are:
* 3 tabs: Surface, Underground and Core
* 31 challenges (6 are hidden)
* 3 goals

Drop changes:

* Zombies and zombie villagers don't drop carrots, potatoes or iron ingots
* Creepers can now drop redstone
* Witches now drop clay instead of glowstone dust
* Zombie pigmen now drop iron nuggets instead of gold nuggets and have a low chance to drop quartz
Progress100% complete

3 Update Logs

Video proof : 11/13/2017 3:33:25 amNov 13, 2017

Added video proof.

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  • chethin
  • Level 9
  • Apprentice Engineer
  • November 13, 2017, 5:04 am
wow just how do you get those round sphere's there just amazing
I'm in the process of playing this map, and I've got to say it's very very fun! Thanks for your work on this, I've been playing for hours now.

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