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OverVille: The Further Lands - Survival 1.16.4 map

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DaniBuilds avatar DaniBuilds
Level 38 : Artisan Professor
Overville: The Further Lands

I and my two other friends (Allix and Emerson) are making a huge project called Overville. This is a pure vanilla survival Minecraft world.
We are trying to transform as huge area as possible, which may take us maybe a couple of years! So far, the open area for building is about 37 million blocks square.

Our Backstory:
(counted in Minecraft days)
Day 0-150:
With the rough start in Mountains biome, we have moved to a massive snowy plains biome and settled down in an igloo. We had not enough food, so raiding the nearby fields in villages was the only option. Then, after the first 40 days had passed, we have decided to enforce our starter base with some borders. So we ran into a jungle that is located about a hundred blocks from our starter base and grabbed some bamboo, which grows really fast and serves better as fuel than a wall. Anyway, for the walls was it enough, at least to keep the mobs away. Our basic storage started to overflow, so we had to think fast. We decided to create a Huge Underground Bunker, The H.U.B. Without any beacon or diamond pickaxes, we dug an area, moved our storage, created The Mine Hub under the H.U.B. and decided to make a huge railway system, that will go through our villages and mini-bases.

Day 151-300:
Rails are still not connected. Everything seemed so far from our starter base. The first pillager patrols had found us and killed Allix a few times. Along with pillager patrols, came the first Bad Omen effect, which had been applied to Allix without him knowing. Our base started to feel crammed and tight, so we went exploring our surroundings a bit further. However, in the first village we ran to, happened to have raid going on, of course, because of Allix. Unfortunately, we were lazy in searching for diamonds so we had only iron gear. We lost the raid and all the villagers had been killed. The village was empty and so we named it really originally, The Ghost Town. But this wasn't the end of our adventure to the far and beyond. Finally, we found savanna biome, after one thousand blocks of walking. This savanna biome was a big surprise. We found a pillager outpost near a village. Both in the same savanna biome. We decided to transform the savanna village into a battle-ready town. Hid the villagers, prepared traps, and started a Raid season. In total, we gathered 16 totems of undying, about 2 stacks of emeralds, and over 40 saddles. Along with about 100 deaths. In a great mood, we returned home and stored our loot. It was time to gather some shiny diamonds!

Day 301-450:
More weeks had passed and we managed to collect more than enough diamonds to gear ourselves up and fight against the mighty Ender Dragon. We were ready with our tools and weapons glowing from all those enchantments. However, to find a stronghold, you would need to go to the Nether first. So I built a portal, set in a small hill right next to our starter base. The luck was on our side. We had a Nether Fortress right at our fingertips. With hype we rushed in, gathered some blaze powder, safely returned home and crafted a bunch of Eyes of Ender. Slowly but surely we managed to arrive in the stronghold. Unfortunately, on the day 364, Allix had left our group of adventurers and uninstalled Minecraft. So only I and Emerson had the chance to defeat the Ender Dragon. Successfully obtained the Dragon Egg and returned back home. After a short period of time, we collected 3 wither skeleton heads and killed a wither. Crafted a beacon and placed it in the center of our H.U.B. Emerson started to build the Underground village, which will be also the end-station of our railway. I went exploring and revealing all parts of our surroundings. Those days we agreed to build only in the area on our level 4 map, which isn't really as massive as we planned. The rule not to pass the borders on the map was founded. I found a huge village, which we later named Mineville. It was located near the North-West corner, about 2 300 blocks from our starter base.

Day 451-600:
Our starter base started to feel complete. But wasn't. I built a fast Iron golem farm, automatic sugar cane farm and bamboo and cactus XP machine. Slowly but surely we hit 500 Minecraft days. This was my and Emerson's record in playing survival Minecraft. A cake was freshly baked, or better said, crafted to celebrate this amazing number. It seemed amazing at least for us. Some days after, I went to the warm ocean biome and hunted for tridents. It took a longer while than I anticipated, however, I managed to get 4 of them. It was already a month past Minecon LIVE 2019, so I decided to wait for the nether update, unfocus from building and transforming the nether and reset the nether after 1.16 releases. Instead, I transformed the Stronghold and marked it on the map as End Gateway. Emerson had decided to make his own manor or mansion in the plains biome, near world spawn. Make a few landscaping and build a small hut.
I wanted to chill out a bit and moved far away from my starting base to a small island, where I built a lighthouse and done some landscaping.

Day 601-750:
Relaxation was over for me, so I moved back to my starter base. Our base was already big, so I decided to stay there longer. From that moment, I decided to make it my actual base number 01, not just some starter base. I focused on improving it. After a while, the second sub-story of H.U.B., my personal house, and a small forest hut were built. In a short while, our snowy biome started to feel boring and since around 70% of our surrounding land was snowy tundra, expanding our build area sounded way better now. Now, our build area was exactly 37 748 736 blocks square. So I went exploring. I explored the inner side of the maps and then the outer side. Now it was time to build. One big castle raised up on one of the mountains and a small cabin on the other one. Also, Battle Town finally got a huge improvement. Now, we can have raids without worrying about looks and effectiveness. Anyway, in the last days, Emerson had decided to move on and quit playing on this world. My lonely journey had started.

Day 751-900:
Yes! Finally, my base n.01 is looking awesome. I'm not saying, that it wasn't looking amazing before, but now it's double awesome! Nice paths between every structure of the base. Improvements to the 'Iron farm/factory of triple doom' and to my humble house. A short time later, another (not as huge as other builds) structure raised in the base - the cartography hut. A place for maps and 'satellite' views of the entire area. Oh, and by the way, I built an enormously huge ice track, right next to the castle and my base. Now I am so glad that I have an Iceberg biome like 300 blocks away from my base. It came really handy for that 'ice track race monstrosity of infinite speed'. Yeah, I am now also realizing, that I am really good at making names for certain things. This track is not done yet, however, it will be a blast! Nearly 12 shulker boxes of blue and compressed ice were used. That's not all - gathering those resources is soo painful! It doesn't seem like much, but this took me 150 Minecraft days or 50 hours. I am so tired! I need a rest.

Day 901-1500:
This was a long break, but I haven't abandoned my world. A lot of things have changed. Even Allix returned to this world! There's so much to tell and so little time (or rather said - space). I have finished the Ice Track. It really was a time-consuming build, but I got it done. Allix returned and with my help built a nice snow/ice castle with a huge underground (and secret passages!). I built a honey farm, a fox den, a better sugarcane farm, a hot air balloon for no reason, and a horse stable with the speedometer. Some Netherite mining was done. Acquiring nearly 16 blocks of Netherite. And I have also reset the nether. The Nether Forge raised on the other side of the river from our base. 16 furnace super-smelter. Since I'm not a huge redstone genius as Mumbo Jumbo, I was really proud of this build. A few weeks later a fresh gunpowder farm was built in the new Factory district couple hundreds of blocks south from my base. This was a long time. But we're prepared for much bigger challenges.

The end of the backstory.

I think I need a rest from Minecraft. Updates will be less common and my work will be slowed. Maybe until summer 2021? Basically, I got somehow more motivated for making videos, rather than just posting screens, which lead to saving for my new pc. I want to capture the process of me, building and telling the story of this world. Until then, I'll rest :) - ...and prepare for the even much more awesome journey of this world!

>Screenshots from every update will be added to the map download file along with the game saves.

>Map download will be published idk when. If I see you guys want it, I'll post the world here.

Version: Java Edition - 1.16.4
The map file is too big (1+ GB) and I'm not able to post saves constantly. So await a new save every 2 or 3 updates.

The map has a custom resource pack built-in.
Progress5% complete

5 Update Logs

Update 0.2.0: The Release : 01/03/2021 5:25:35 pmJan 3rd

This world is now ready to be downloaded. Are you ready for the tour? You better be, cause there is a lot to see! So take some rockets, grab your elytra and take off into the horizons. This is the 1st version of the world download and there will be a lot more coming in the future along with a let's play series! But, you'll have to wait a bit more for that. Anyway, have fun exploring and discovering!

So? What exactly has changed since the last update? Here's the list:
  • added backstory days: 901 - 1500
  • built a super-smelter
  • built and finished the Ice race track
  • built a bee farm
  • built a Factory District with 2 farms (gunpowder and wool - yet)
  • built a Horse Stable with redstone speedometer
  • built a Snow Castle
  • built a Snow Village and landscaped the snowy area
  • built another useless structure in the base - balloon, fox den, skeleton spawner farm < very slow
  • improved the H.U.B.
  • changed the wall around the base
  • built a Dreamy Village
This may not be a lot for 8 months. That's because I had a break from MC for quite some time. I really can't enjoy playing with sub 30fps. But don't worry, I'm saving for a new desktop pc, on which I'll be able to run Minecraft with shaders at 120+fps and record at the same time. Thank you everyone for your support on this page! :)

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05/08/2020 8:06 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
KasraIDK avatar
Would've been so cool if you guys had recorded all of this and made it a series on YouTube. I would've been a viewer for sure!

Anyways, keep us updated!
05/10/2020 6:15 am
Level 38 : Artisan Professor
DaniBuilds avatar
I would have also like to do that. However, it isn't possible for me yet. My pc is just weak...
You know, we play this world on a LAN server, so with that turned on along with some recording program, my pc will explode! :D seriously! Oh and also, my Vegas Movie Studio keeps crashing.

But don't worry! I am saving money for a new computer, which will have RTX, 16GB rams, and i7, so video series coming soon! Or not so soon... idk... Until then, just screens, occasional world sneak peeks. This is a huge project! The final release in the next couple of years, I suppose? :D
02/02/2021 8:06 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Drakengard2099 avatar
You guys and this project, and having just toured part of the area near the start, made me feel like Momunga from Ainz Ool Gown aka Overlord. Where I see all the trophies, pets, everything and almost feel a strange sadness that outside of the NPC's faithfully doing their jobs, and pets keeping watch over everything, it feels lonely... I can almost see the memories... kinda saddened by it. just shows how much you guys have done a fantastic job.
04/14/2020 2:15 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Nobody_but_Somebody avatar
Ahh man, I remember adventuring with you! :O
Long time no see :)!
04/14/2020 2:29 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Professor
DaniBuilds avatar
Broo :D
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