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PARADOX: A city in the making - PMC Contest 2048

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LordNapstablook's Avatar LordNapstablook
Level 50 : Grandmaster Scribe

Sitting in his chair, looking at files.

Weathley: Is that all?

Luc hand over a huge file to Weathley.

Luc: The report on Paradox.


Weathley: Let’s see … everything seems fine about the numbers. Anything abnormal?

Luc: Hum ... well the energy beam from the PULSAR suddenly turned purple.

Weathley: Probably a bit of calcium in the atmosphere, not a big deal. Anything else?

Luc: Just one then, the metal excavation is taking more time than expected.

Weathley: The blue metal is a rare one and we don't know much about it, give ArC.EuS more time and we'll be more and more efficient at mining.

Weathley put the report on the desk and sigh.

Luc: I'll make sure to send the file to Marion, she's also an important part of the Paradox project.


Weathley: Yeah, she just the UNO director and the one who ordered us Paradox.

Luc: Nasty kid, watch your mouth.

Weathley: Nasty that's for sure, kid however, it's not like I was 34, oh wait! I am.

Luc: Yeah ... I sometime forget how long ago all those things happened.

Starring in the void.

Luc: You, Emma, Hunter, the C10 and Sydney ...

Weathley chuckle.

Weathley: Haha, yeah ... It was the good all time ...


Luc: Sure, the good old time when you and Hunter tried to kill each other each frickin day, the time when you made weapons out of everything ... the time ... you tried to bring back the dead ...

Weathley smirk before looking sad.

Weathley: Yeah ... that time ... Speaking of which, it looks like the GATE 2.0 will be done in less than a month.


Luc: Are you sure this … is a good name choice? I mean, we all know what a failure was the original GATE.

Lost in his memories.

Weathley: The GATE was my failure … I was too greedy and optimistic at that time … and I almost destroyed the world …

Flashback, Weathley, 17, is standing under the gigantic GATE vibrating, all the city of Star Valley is destroyed, the buildings and debris are levitating hundreds of meters above the floor. Screaming.

Weathley: Why! Why won’t you work! Why won’t you allow me to see them again?!

The sky is red and the wind is strong, he stands alone in the ruins.

Weathley: WHY?!

Above him, the huge iridescent rift splits the sky and the whole universe in two. Back in the present. Companionate.

Luc: Weathley … don’t be too harsh with yourself, the GATE was meant to bring dead back to life … I don’t say what you did is right, I just say that you tried what was thought impossible. I just say that considering the damages the damages it caused, calling it GATE 2.0 is probably not a god choice for the public image of the Atllas Corp.

Leaving the room.

Luc: Well, even if it was a failure for its own purpose, the first GATE was a huge success for science, thanks to you we unravelled the science of teleportation. I leave the rest to you, I got to go give the file to the UNO, see you later.

Luc closes the door, the room is dark again. Thinking.

Weathley: A success huh? Pff, don’t make me laugh … I’m going for a walk.

ArC.EuS: I know, I can read minds don’t forget … Getting old doesn’t do you any good.

Annoyed, he sighs and look outside, the sky is clear but the giant rift is still here.

Weathley: It’s been 17 years but everyday this thing is here to taunt me …
PARADOX: A city in the making - PMC Contest 2048 Minecraft Map
PARADOX: A city in the making - PMC Contest 2048 Minecraft Map
PARADOX: A city in the making - PMC Contest 2048 Minecraft Map

Builder's Note
Hi there!

  This is my entry for the PMC Contest, it took me the whole month of august to build and was the first time I had fun building in quite a long time (Read the builder's note for Neptunium High for more details), so thanks PMC for the opportunity!

  I made the map using WorldPainter and WorldEdit, that's why the map is for 1.12.2 (Thanks Optifine and Forge for fighting over your code since the 1.13). Every asset is made by me.

  You may realise that the map refers to the city and that the city in the map is just a small part of the map ... well sorry I'm very bad at planning X). Oh and sorry for the Shader sky, I tried everything to turn it black but couldn't do it so ... guess the sky is blue still without oxygen, at least for the pics with shaders X).

  One last thing, yes, the Planet's name is ... well just google it and you'll find one of my favourite game

Thanks for your attention, see'ya later. - Lord

Additional Links:

Atllas PULSAR Spacecraft: Maybe one day ;)

Atllas GATE 1.0: Sooner than you think :D
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03/24/2020 10:28 pm
Level 99 : Overlord Engineer
Euclides's Avatar
you could write a book with the Atllas corporation history xD
03/25/2020 5:33 am
Level 50 : Grandmaster Scribe
LordNapstablook's Avatar
Fun fact, I did, it's a 27 Tomes story, 7 chapters per tome, 1000 words per chapters xD
08/26/2019 1:02 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Architect
Thecatsfans85's Avatar
Looks pretty nice, good job!
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