BOTW#1 - Empire State Building

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Level 38 : Artisan Architect
Persian Build of the week

Build of the week is a new weekly showcase every Saturday of the best builds on our server which we think promotes our drive for authenticity and excitement.

This week for our first entry, we have the empire state building by blibbob. The structure is 223 blocks tall and took a cumulative effort of 2 days; the exterior was finished in a day and the interior the following day. The Interiors proved to be tricky as simply stacking them with world edit would cause damage to the exterior.The shops on the bottom were done by ThePersian and the spire was made separately by Eminem, and was then mounted on top.

It's a truly spectacular build and one that we ironically don't showcase a lot. I hope you all enjoy this and we'll update you next week.

If you want to see more of blibbobs work, check out;

*All projects hosted on Build of the week are given full consent prior to each post. The availability of each project as a schematic is down to a joint decision between the creator and the authorities of Persian-World. There is no availability for any chunk of the map to be distributed.
CreditThePersian, Blibbob, Delta_Who, Thor_IAD
Progress100% complete
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