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Hi! So this map will be a high-quality recreation of the Johto and Kanto regions, using "Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver" (HGSS) as a reference. I've been building this map for about 2 months now with a little help from a couple friends, and even though it's basically two of us working on the map, we're moving along pretty quick! But either way I apologise if updates are slower than ideal.

So more details. The map is a mostly "accurate" recreation of the Johto and Kanto regions, as depicted in HGSS. What I mean by "mostly" is that everything has its own creative flair. The routes are built using a 2:1 ratio, but they have unique decorations we added in ourselves! As with the towns! Each town is built in a very freeform way, but trying to stay true to the original layout. The building interiors are full size, and I built the exteriors and the rest of the town around them. TL;DR, there's gonna be lots of cool decorations and stuff that aren't in the games, but also that we think will really compliment everything.

If you want to support me, PLEASE, subscribe to my YouTube channel and perhaps Twitch, where I might occasionally stream the building process! Your support really does inspire me and I LOVE hearing from you guys! ^u^ <3


Here's a graph that I definitely didn't steal from another map's description:

Blue - Completed
Orange - In Progress
Black - Not Started



Route 29
Route 30
Route 12
New Bark Town
Fuchsia CityDark CavePal Park
Route 31Route 32Route 13Cherrygrove City
Cinnabar IslandSprout TowerLake of Rage
Route 33Route 34Route 14Violet City
Pallet TownRuins of AlphIce Path
Route 35Route 36Route 15Azalea Town
Union CaveDragon's Den
Route 37Route 38Route 1Goldenrod City
Slowpoke WellTohjo Falls
Route 39Route 40Route 21Ecruteak City
Ilex ForestVictory Road
Route 41Route 47Route 19Olivine City
National ParkIndigo Plateau
Route 48Route 42Route 20Mahogany Town
PokéAthlon DomeViridian Forest
Route 43Route 44Route 28Blackthorn City
Burned TowerDiglett's Cave
Route 45Route 46Route 17Viridian City
Bell TowerMt. Moon
Route 27Route 26Route 18Pewter City
Olivine LighthouseCerulean Cave
Route 22Route 2Route 7Cerulean City
Battle FrontierRock Tunnel
Route 3Route 4Route 16Saffron City
Whirl IslandsPower Plant
Route 24Route 25Route 6Lavender Town
Cliff CaveSeafoam Islands
Route 5Route 9Route 11Celadon City
Safari ZoneSinjoh Ruins
Route 8Route 10
Vermilion City
Mt. MortarMt. Silver


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Love u guyss!! ^u^ <3
CreditTopazChaz, Roman423, thedocter883
Progress5% complete
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