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United Laverdale city war

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Level 23 : Expert Pokemon
Welecome to United Laverdale city war. United Laverdale, a fictional county was having war between two cities.

This map only supports Minecraft 1.7.10 With Forge ( will no longer support once the map is ready for 1.12 with forge )

Cities that were involved:

Nilesmen, the capital city and La Tesla are the cities that were involved in the country-wide war.

Description of the story of the map:

It all started when United Lauderdale English TV channel, Channel 1 was showing Pokemon on October 13. Las Tesla mayor, Ms Phillida commented to the show that she watch soon after the show was finished on the social media and the public. She said that Ash's Lycanroc's eyes begin to glow red throughout which is very scary as and even her children wants to watch it as well when she told her children not to watch. She later said that these types of shows and content should have an appropriate age rating or change the age rating and she will going to investigate this matter with the parliament and the government about this. From the next 4 Saturdays, things were getting worse as Lycanroc again enters its red eyed state on public places like TV for the whole, halfway or the ending of each episode ( worse is 3 times on November 13 2019) as the peaceful demonstration rally continues more often and demand for an election to vote for parties like Republic Anti Pokéist party and Conservative Anti Pokeist to hasten the ban Lycanroc enters its red eyed state at everywhere and put the content as 18+ as it is very scary and scares the public in the city. However, the Pokéist United Laverdale Party wins the most seat in the election at 80% vote in the expected view but the actual is 66.66% vote due to the failure to change age rating of the content in the city. As a result, plans for country-wide war starts to rise in any point. Will you want to protect one of the two cities in United Laverdale? Find out more when the map is released by November or December 2019

Some updates/photos might change or added so come here everyday

Commends will also accepted

Stay tuned for more information
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17 Update Logs

April Fools Update : by AdminCasey 04/02/2017 6:50:49 amApr 2nd, 2017

Added New Pokemon Airport T1 and T2

Added Roads

Added pictures from Pokemon Anime

Removed Pokemon Theme Park

Now no longer requires Railcraft.

Now requires MrCrafish Furniture mod, Decocraft, MusicCraft and a Video Game Mod

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09/09/2016 2:10 am
Level 40 : Master Engineer
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Great job!
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