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Power Rangers Command Center(MMPR)

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This is something I just started to work on. I was bored one day and since I saw the Power Rangers movie the day before, I decided to just do this cuz why not. So I built this and am currently working on it. Mind you I am not that active, so I'll be doing this for a bit of time. When I'm done with certain parts, I will update the file so you can use it. You can use this to do whatever the hell you want. I don't really care. You all just need to remember to use 1.8. Also, this is not necessary, but it's definitely recommended, you should use two mods with it: Super Sentai Mod, and MCA mod. These two mods make this much better.(Especially Super Sentai) So you should just use both. I'll put the links down below for you to download. So yeah, thanks for seeing this. I'll be updating this all I can, so if you have any questions put it down below and I'll try to answer them.

Map Download:

Super Sentai Mod:

MCA mod:

Radixcore(For MCA. Yes it's necessary):
Progress20% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1: Zeo : by MChorse121 04/27/2017 9:35:33 amApr 27th, 2017

Added Zeo Power Chamber
Added Zeo Portal
Added more secrets

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