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avatar ToaofLightning
Level 1 : New Crafter
Edgastait... This planet is the strangest object in all the Galaxy. While other planets look simply natural and climatical zones are placing in depend of sunlight, Edgastait is divided on seven geometricaly right zones with ideal-round poles. The nature of this zones is quite danger and unfriendly but it dazzles you with it's magnificent strangeness and greatness.

Ice Region: The coldest zone on the planet. With it's high peeks and metres of snow under you, Ice Region stays one of the most impassable zones on the Edgastait. But your dangerous travel will be compensated by great views from the peeks' tops or by encounter with animals of this zone.

Ocean Region: This Edgastait's zone is simply a big ocean with a few groups of many little islands. Although it's "Ocean Region" it hasn't got such great deeps, as we have on Earth. There's always stays warm weather but don't lie yourself - who knows, what keeps the Ocean in it's waters.

Fire Region: Tectonically active places on our planet born mountains and volcanoes. But on this strange planet in Fire Region, you won't see "fire mountains" between simple rocks - you'll see only volcanoes. And they're always errupting. You won't see simple water - there're only seas of lava and hot Slize in Fire Region. You won't see even blue sky above your head - only red color with black ugly clouds of ash...

City Region: Earlier just a desert, but now - the hi-tech megapolis with high, shining with green lamps, skarapers and garages, where the original builders, City Slizers, live. There isn't any common daylight - only the shining of lanterns. Between houses you can always a lot of fast movements, but not of them are Slizers' - crazy bandits and failed robotical experiments are often here.

Forest Regoin: The most multivarios region on Edgastait. It starts from frost-bound plain Tundra, goes down to close and dark Boreal Forest, where all the trees have spikes, and nordic Greenwood with it's friendly fauna and lots of ravines, and then turns into great Jungles with their rivers, lakes and lots of of plants' and animals' species. Only two zines of the Forest Region are normally lighten by sun - Tundra and Greenwood, but other two parts, which of the Forest Region consists on two thirds, are very dark and plenty of dangerous wild beasts.

Rock Region: If you want to find the place of true stability and unchangeability - it's Rock Region. Most of all Slizers think, that it 'll never change at all, even if it'll take a pasting of million plasma bombs. But it only looks so "conservative" - truly it's always changing geologocally, but because of strange processes there isn't any volcanical activity - may be because of this the zone of rocks seems so monolithic trupugh the time. Remember of caves - whereas there's nothing quite critical on the mountain's surface, you can find many of danger under the crags.

Energy Abyss: The strangest zone on the Edgastait. It's just the giant gorge with lots of energy floods and lightnings, streching througn the space. Creatures of this zone aren't less strange, as their life enviroment, some of them just consist of electricity and energy. And, of course, every live form in Abyss can shoot with energy and use it to float and fly.

The Dome: Artificial object, consisting of super-hard glass, impressing by it's greatness and surrounding big city, where bohemian-like Dome Slizers live. Earlier it was the ice desert of Edgastait's North Pole, but masterful Pole Slizers (for the future - Dome Slizers) persuaded Slizers' society to help their tribe to build the Dome and city under it, although it wasn't necessary at all. Don't think, that you'll encounter nothing dangerous beneath the Dome's surface - bandits and crazt robots occur in the suburbs.

Additional Notes

The work on the Dome is in progress at the moment (and it'll be finished soon).
Progress10% complete

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