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RCG City Map

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How to find on server: Go to and use any of the RCG warps in /warps

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Note: Oops, accidentally deleted original page.

RCG was a CityRP server. It went down not too long ago for the 2nd time and i had discovered this recently. You see RCG was originally started around 7ish? years ago. I originally started playing it around 2014 and it was pretty fun at the time. I made many fond memories with my friends causing chaos and basically ruling the server for a couple month period. After this period many of us got banned because we had RDMed or because staff biases for admin sits got us banned when we got falsely accused of something. These bans were only temporary but it kinda turned us off at the time so we moved on to other server. After a few years i wanted to join back to see the map and relive some memories but the server was down. I asked max on his youtube and twitter seeing if he'll give the map out assuming the server was never going back up and i got no response. Then about a year ago the server came back online. It was max as the owner and a large amount of new staff members i didn't recognize. Another thing about it was that this newly brought up RCG had a drastically smaller community then what it had originally (less player average). Something told me it was probably going to go down again so i got to working downloading the map. I used some mods to download it and i can safely say i got the map. I saved in my worlds folder and moved on to playing other games for a while. I returned a few days ago to the CRAFT and low and behold the server went down again about 2 months ago. So here we are, i have the map and im currently deciding what to do with it. Maybe max will bring back the server. Maybe he'll release the map of his own accord. Or maybe that one yearish period of it being back up was the last time we'll see rcg online. Who knows. Ill give it a little time. If your from RCG let me know your opinions on what i should do with it in the comments. ok bye love you

Update: I've decided to bring up the map on my server but make it so that all you can do is look at it and but you cant break or do anything on it. Note that the map i have is a majority of the original map, i dont have all of it. So there may be many missing chunks but i pretty much got all of the main areas. The server has a dynmap if you wanna see where you are in the world. www.planetminecraft.com/server/jolt-advanced-survival/

Original Server post: https://www.planetminecraft.com/server/rcg-global-towny-vehicles-war/

Original Map (No player creations): https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/lapiz-point---modern-city-project/
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