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Ready Player One - The Short Adventure

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Sorry for the low quality and shortness. I did this for an English Project and I only had a few hours. But a little MCEdit later, this emerged. It's okay for such a short project, and it highlights some of the main points in the book. It only goes over the challenges of the gates and getting the keys, and doesn't go over anything other than that. Watch the video above for a walkthrough, and you can see that it is really short.

Oh yeah. I also added 3 Easter Eggs in the map. Try to find them.

Locations of Easter Eggs
One of the Easter Eggs can be found by flipping the middle lever on Wade's house's floor.

The second Easter Egg can be found by clicking a button found on Godzilla's toe.

The thrird Easter Egg can be found by jumping on top of the Black Knight's head in the Monty Python area, and then jumping onto a tree to the right, then clicking the button on the top of the tree.

Thanks for playing - 

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