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Resource Pack Test World (1.17)

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So I was looking around for resource pack worlds for testing textures and whatnot, and the ones I was finding were either WILDLY out of date, or really complex and easily broken. So, I just made one myself.

It has all the blocks and items (i'm pretty sure, let me know if not), and all the misc stuff like trees and plants and minecarts and paintings and whatnot.

The only thing it doesnt have is spawned in mobs, but you could spawn those in yourself if you wanted to check.

Quick tips:
  • Daylight cycle is turned off. Use commands or the buttons I put at spawn to change from night and day.
  • Don't turn the tick speed back on! I've got it set at 0 so blockstates don't advance, that way every stage is visible.
  • If something is missing, please let me know and I'll do my best to add it!

Enjoy :)
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