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Revamped Monster Industries for 1.14

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Skywalker504's Avatar Skywalker504
Level 20 : Expert Explorer
Monster Industries is coming back!
A revamped version for 1.14.4 is in the works. This map is based on the original map (https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/18-monster-industries-pvp/) by Mr Foogy.

The estimated publishing date for final map: November 30

To learn how to play the game, use the link above and read that description.

The aim of this map is to keep the Monster Industries feeling like the original map, but with a more modern touch. A description for this exact map will come a week before its release.

New Features:
- All new interactive chest systems!
- Just like on any server, use the chests to select teams, change settings, and buy items.
- Settings that can be toggled using the Team & Settings chest:
- Game type, Small, Normal, Large.
- Disable/enable foul tactics.
- Disable/enable paper generator upgrades.
- New reset button! Reset the entire map with one click. No more having to re-download entire map
- Replaced spider eye generator with fire essence generator.
- All new lobby with a tutorial.
- New scoreboards!
- Scoreboards now show stock and health of all your teammates.
- Auto equipping armor. Buy with one click using the shop. Armor auto-applied.
- Auto equipping enchants. But with one click using the shop. Enchantments will be applied across all your weapons, even new ones.
- Upgrade paper generators to 1.5x or 2.0x using the upgrades room.
- New weapons, bow can now be bought.
- Many more items for sale in shop.
- Many new foul tactics.
- Ability to upgrade foul tactics room.

- Lobby.
- Team & Settings interactive chest.
- Game initialization.
- All generators, including paper.
- Upgrades for all generators.
- Slave hut and slave system.
- Scoreboards.

- Foul tactics room. Any ideas for different foul tactics?
- Interactive shop chest 50% done. (You have no idea how many command blocks go into each interactive chest)
- Finish buildings, possible redo main building.
- Mob spawning pits.
- Copy everything over to Creeper Corp and change the coordinates of every single command block. One by one.
- That's it!

Any ideas or suggestions? Post a comment!
CreditIts3AM as assistant builder.
Progress70% complete

1 Update Logs

Project Delayed : by Skywalker504 11/07/2019 12:53:29 amNov 7th, 2019

Release delayed until November 30.

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