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Ribeyrolles 1918 (100:1)

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[td=2][img]en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Ribeyrolles1918AutomaticCarbine.jpg[/img]Ribeyrolles 1918[/td][td=2][hr][/hr][/td]
Carabine-mitrailleuse Ribeyrolles Modèle 1918
TypeAutomatic rifle/light machine gun/assault rifle
Place of originFrance
Service history
Used byFrench Army
WarsWorld War I
Production history
Designed1916[citation needed]
Produced1916 to 1920[citation needed]
Weight5.1 kg (11 lb) unloaded[citation needed]
Length1,090 mm(43 in)[citation needed]
Barrel length450 mm (18 in)[citation needed]
Cartridge8×35mm Ribeyrolle
ActionDirect blowback[1]
Rate of fire550–600 rounds per minute[citation needed]
Muzzle velocity570 m/s (1,900 ft/s)[citation needed]
Effective firing range400 m (440 yd)[1]
Feed system25-round box magazine
SightsIron sights

The Ribeyrolles 1918 was an attempt to manufacture an automatic rifle for the French forces. It was chambered in the experimental 8×35mm round, used straight blowback, was fed from a 25-round magazine and had an effective range of 400 meters. The cartridge, arguably the first purpose-built intermediate cartridge, was obtained by necking down the .351 Winchester Self-Loading.[1] Another source indicates that it was chambered in a cartridge designated 8×32mmSR.[2]

Its official name was Carabine Mitrailleuse 1918[citation needed] ("Machine Carbine 1918" in English); in a 2007 book it appears as "fusil automatique Ribeyrolles 1918".[2] The Ribeyrolles had the distinction of being fitted with a lightweight bipod on the front (indicating an intended use as a squad automatic weapon) and a rifle bayonet identical to that of the Berthier Model 1907/15.
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My favorite weapon in Battlefield 1

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